Commit to Career Growth

Career coaches share advice for enhancing your skills and drive at work.

The 2010 Annual Meeting & Expo has passed, and hopefully you were able to gain some valuable career resources. Here are a few more words of inspiration from career coaches to help reignite your passion for your work and your life.

Repurpose Your Career

Yep, it's kinda like regifting—but more powerful! To repurpose is to assess the skills and talents you love in your current career and intentionally take them outside what you are currently doing. Volunteering your skills into areas you are passionate about can breathe new life and connections into the visibility, viability, and value you bring to your current career. Say you love connecting with people. Gather a small group together to brainstorm solutions for situations you are currently facing. The action makes you visible, addressing the situation makes you viable, and the solution makes you valued!

—June Cline, Open Heart Communications. Website:

Realign Your Career

When your car gets out of alignment, you take it for a tune-up. But what do you do when your career needs realignment? First, define the disconnect. Is your vague feeling of discomfort caused by employer ethics that are out of synch with your personal values? Did your dream job turn into a nightmare after a change in mission or management? Are you on the right bus but in the wrong seat? Second, share your self-discovery with a confidant or executive coach. Third, make your move—up, sideways, or out into fresh air—so you can enjoy a smooth career ride again.

—Tom Pierce, Pierce Management Development. Website:

Refocus On Your Strengths

It's easy to take our strengths for granted, but the fact is, the smartest, most successful professionals are the ones who figure out their strengths and put them to work in their current jobs and career plans. Strengths are comprised of natural talents and specific skills and knowledge gained along the way. To capture yours, for one week write down each work activity (writing a report, talking to a member) and note how you feel about it (excited, bored, depleted). Then review your list to see which activities energize you and allow you to be most successful. Look for ways to refocus your job so your strengths become more central to it.

—Carol Vernon, Communication Matters. Website:

Reconnect Your Career

If you are feeling disconnected from your career, it may be because you are doing what you have always done to be successful but the environment around you is changing at a rapid rate.  In a world of distractions, disruptions, disintermediation, if you are feeling discombobulated with disconcerting results, it is time to reconnect.

  • Reconnect to yourself and what matters most to you.
  • Reconnect to your passion and its fulfillment in your vision.
  • Reconnect with the real value you bring to the table.
  • Reconnect with your network and the wealth of resources there.
  • Reconnect your career to what gets your juices flowing again.

—Pegotty Cooper, Career Strategy Roadmap. Website: