Three Free E-learning Resources

A white paper, a podcast series, and a set of video tutorials are available to help your online education programs succeed.

If your association is considering beefing up its e-learning options, the following free resources could be helpful inspiration:

1. Curt Bonk, a professor in instructional systems technology at Indiana University, has put together a repository of short instructional videos to help others design and manage online courses. Topics include planning online courses, quality supplemental materials, and more. The collection of videos is available at

2. Two association learning experts, Jeff Cobb of Tagoras and Ellen Behrens of the aLearning blog, recently conducted an extended conversation on the state of e-learning in the association sector. Their discussion is now available as either a white paper or a series of podcasts. To read the white paper (which includes links to the podcast recordings), visit

3. The MASIE Center has released a free, open-source e-book, Learning Perspectives: 2010, on the changing nature of learning. The e-book features contributions by the center's 30 Under 30 Learning Leaders. To read the book, visit