Knowledge Center FAQs: Hiring Practices

Better hiring practices mean better employees. Read more about hiring the right people.

Q: Do you have resources on successful hiring practices?

A: Good hiring practices can help you attract and retain the right people. The following resources offer excellent advice on hiring the right people for your organization.

"Hiring and Firing Well," by Harvey Mackey (Association Management, April 2005) offers tips on how to hire and terminate effectively. The article suggests associations with 25 or fewer employees include the CEO in almost every hire and have candidates interview with their potential bosses and colleagues. If you need to terminate an employee, be straightforward but compassionate. Conducting a firing in a civilized manner may make it easier to part ways on polite terms.

"A Structured Hiring Process: How It Enhances Your Chances of a Good Hire," by Donna Dunn (Dollars & Cents, November 2007) says a well-thought-out hiring process can improve your chances of a good hire. She advises developing a job description with a set of responsibilities that address current and future needs of the organization. Advertise the position detailing the job functions and essential qualifications needed for the job opening and screen candidates through telephone interviews to determine their interest in the position.

"Latest From the Listserver: Facebook and Hiring," (Membership Developments, September 2008) is a discussion on the Membership Section's listserver on utilizing social networks during the hiring process. Many agree that any information retrieved from these sites should relate to the job qualifications and not to judge the social life of a candidate. Information can be gained from social networking sites, but discretionary judgment must be used when considering what's posted on the internet.