Don't Miss The 2010 Annual Meeting!

Adding up the ROI of attending the ASAE & The Center Annual Meeting & Expo.

The 2010 ASAE & The Center Annual Meeting & Expo will be filled with education and fun. To make sure you don't miss out, here are some tips to demonstrate the ROI of attending the meeting to your supervisor.

  • Pick out some sessions that you'd like to attend and relate them to your job and your organization. If you work in communications, for instance, you might want to consider attending the "360-Degree Marketing Communications Strategy" learning lab.
  • Explain specifically what you can bring back to the organization as a return on the investment. You could bring back session content, vendor contacts, best practices, and so forth.
  • Get someone to cover for you. Develop a plan so that your work is still getting done while you're at the meeting.

If you think you can't afford to go to this year's Annual Meeting, think again! Here's a chart showing how much money you'll save by registering as a member for $795.

What you get

What you pay (above the registration fee)

What you save

Nine education sessions (totaling 720 minutes)


$1,755 (The average cost of a standalone webinar at ASAE & The Center is $195.)

Three lunches






Two evening


$150 (the cost of the heavy hors d'oeuvres and beverages)



$1,245 in savings

Technology Junkies Welcome

If you were bummed about the cancellation of this year's Technology Conference, don't fret. The technology offerings at this year's ASAE & The Center Annual Meeting & Expo have been beefed up to satisfy your tech cravings. A number of technology-related learning labs have been combined to form the Business of Technology track. Here's a look at some of the sessions from the track.Check out these and other sessions here.

  • "Make Money Online! Unlock the Revenue Potential of Your Organization's Website" with C. David Gammel, CAE, will examine the many ways to increase the revenue of your organization's website, including a look at case studies and brand-new ideas about web revenue.
  • "Digital Dynamics: The New Look of Publishing" with Debra J. Stratton will take a look at how to use new electronic media to improve your organization's publications.
  • "Learning Made Portable" with Alexandra Mouw will explore the different ways devices, such as MP3 players and smartphones, can be used to engage with members and create worthwhile learning experiences.
  • "Virtual Board Meetings: Transition From Onsite to Online" with Mary Buszuwski is perfect for anyone looking to learn how other associations have moved board meetings from in person to online. This session will examine the benefits of online board meetings, as well as common requirements of online meetings.
  • "Weaving Great Technology Into Operations on a Tight Budget" with Jim Cooke will help you determine how to take advantage of the latest technology in a way that is cost effective.