The Favorites Game: Robyn Waters

Robyn Waters, on-target trendspotter and author of The Hummer and the Mini, shares some of her favorite things.

In Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, authors Chip and Dan Heath (interviewed in this month's Associations Now) laud trendspotter Robyn Waters for her quiet persistence and creativity in moving Target executives and suppliers toward more modern product design choices that ultimately led to greater

Waters' philosophy depends on what she calls "doing your ABCs" (standing for "antennae to keep your eyes and ears out," "look for the big picture," and "connect the dots"), and that ABC approach can be mimicked even by leaders who believe tapered jeans make them look slimmer.

Denim designs aside, here are some of Waters' spot-on faves.

Robin Waters' Favorites
Favorite maverick characteristic: Being a cheerleader of possibilities, not just looking for the one right thing.
Favorite business trend today: Sabbaticals.
Favorite consumer trend: Mind, body, spirit. It's a way to look for more meaning in our lives and to lead healthier lives.
Favorite changed-my-life book: Repacking Your Bags: Lighten Your Load for the Rest of Your Life by Richard Leider and David Shapiro.
Favorite indulgence: Travel.
Favorite way to gather data: Read.
Favorite game changer: My iPhone.
Favorite way to surprise people: Remembering an offhand comment someone made about something and then delivering a surprise and delight around that when they don't even remember they said it. It shows you're in tune to the other person and their needs and desires.
Favorite business fallacy: That the numbers give you the whole story. As W.C. Fields once said, "Statistics are like bikinis—what they reveal is important, but what they hide is vital."

Interview by Kristin Clarke, CAE, a researcher and writer for ASAE & The Center. Email: [email protected]