Partner Corner: Social Media's Effect on Online Career Centers

By: Christine Smith

Social media can be a good thing for your online career center. Find out why.

Challenge: How do associations maintain relevant career centers online with so many free social media outlets to find jobs and candidates?

Solution: Social media platforms have created a new way for job seekers and employers to connect, but they've also created new ways to promote association career centers.

ASAE & The Center and the American Society of Civil Engineers are just two of the associations using social media to market their career centers. For example, they both use LinkedIn groups and utilize an automated process to push job postings to the "News"section of the groups and drive traffic back to their career centers.

Association staff also monitors LinkedIn groups for recruiters and hiring managers, then offer the career center to reach even more relevant candidates. Offering a discount code as an incentive helps convert employers to paying customers and allows you to track the revenue generated from social media activities (real social media ROI).

LinkedIn is just one social media platform for promoting your career center. When building your social media strategy, be sure your career center plays a key role. It's an easy source of content and can convert social media traffic to real dollars.

Christine Smith is president of Boxwood Technology, which provides ASAE-Endorsed career centers for associations. Email: [email protected]