Partner Corner: Creative Event Marketing

Leverage the right technology to gain attention for your next event.

Challenge: Our association wants to cut through marketing clutter and incorporate edgier creative to encourage attendance at events while controlling costs and increasing return on investment.

Solution: Leveraging one-to-one marketing can drive brand awareness and attendance at conferences, as demonstrated by Xerox's campaign supporting Xerox Chairman Anne Mulcahy's presentation at the American Marketing Association's 2009 Mplanet Conference. An email invitation sent to attendees featured a personalized video and an option to personalize and share it with friends. Attendees received a magazine with their names on the cover and a table of contents highlighting articles relevant to their fields.

The campaign was a testament to how one-to-one technology allows for creative, relevant, and interactive communication, and generated a significant increase in clickthrough rates, an expanded prospect list, and a re-energized brand. The campaign ensured consistency by using one solution, one database, and one set of business rules which also saved money and time.

By leveraging the right technology, associations can implement successful cross-media campaigns to drive better results. The investment required can vary depending on the project's scope and scale. Video increases costs, but cost-effective adjustments in database size, programming requirements, and print and fulfillment can save money. Associations embracing new technology will emerge as cutting edge and see an increased ROI at future events.

Bruce Hellman is the director of sales and marketing for associations with Xerox, an ASAE-Endorsed Business Solutions partner. To learn more, visit or call 800-ASK-XEROX ext. ASAE.