Lessons From the 2009 Annual Meeting

Former attendees share how they've utilized what they learned at the conference.

"What did you learn from the ASAE & The Center 2009 Annual Meeting & Expo that you've put into practice?”

I approached social networking with naiveté, believing that it was a teenagers' game with no practical business application. Then I sat through Gary Hamel's presentation, where I learned that one should avoid change driven by crisis. I attended sessions with Clay Shirky, Tim Sanders, and Amber MacArthur, and I realized that social networking and corporate social responsibility were critical to growing organizations. When I returned, we hired Fusion Productions to conduct a workshop that identified our social networking strategy, the messages upon which we needed to focus, and the roles and responsibilities within our organization to maintain the network.

Ed Simeone, Executive Director/CEO, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

If meetings had customer reviews, I would give the 2009 ASAE Annual Meeting five stars for content, location, and connecting. I was one of several APTA staff who attended the 2009 Annual Meeting & Expo. I was also honored to attend as a member of the 2009-2011 DELP Class. Not only was I able to bring back innovations that helped enhance our current membership retention and recruitment initiatives, but I also had the opportunity to reconnect with past colleagues and connect with other association professionals.

Scharan M. Johnson, Director, Membership Development, American Physical Therapy Association

I learned that you should never put Candy Spelling on a stage and am proud to say that, in practice, I have not done so this year.  Seriously—I always pick up tips and ideas, big and small, at ASAE Annual. In Toronto, I attended a workshop led by David Gammel where there was a discussion as to whether one should offer early-bird registration incentives that are things of value as opposed to discounts. I decided to eliminate our conference's early-bird discount and instead offer a free DVD recording of all workshops to those who registered early. As a result, our early-bird signups for 2010 shot up 75 percent.

Kevin W. Holland, Division VP, Business Operations & Membership, Air Conditioning Contractors of America

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