Readers share their views on recent Associations Now articles.

The January and Volunteer Leadership double issue of Associations Now gave readers twice as many opportunities to comment on and share articles. Here’s some of what they had to say.

Save Space, Collaborate

[From web comments on “Two Associations, One Office,” January 2010] Excellent post. As associations may contract, sharing space/services with compatriots is a great way to save money.

My AMC sublets space and equipment (copier, fax, phones, internet) to other organizations. We see it as an opportunity to foster collaboration and be in an association- centric environment.

—Brian Reuwee, account executive, Drake & Company, Chesterfield, Missouri

The Future of Associations

I enjoyed reading Lisa Junker’s article “A World Without Associations” on the ASAE & The Center website [an online extra to “Future Visions,” January 2010], especially the part about “networking” as it coincides with my little investigation on the impact of the internet on associations [The Future of Associations in an Internet-Enabled World blog].

My main concern, at this stage of my TFOA journey, is the following. The internet, social media, etc. make it possible and very easy to form groups and communities without having big strategies set out at the beginning.

Using an old-school metaphor, it seems we are together building a boat, convinced that we need one and that it will float. On the other hand, I wonder if it will be possible to sail anywhere without a captain— the captain being the association CEO or the association itself as the hidden glue of our society and economy. Like the mortar that holds the bricks of a building in place, associations go largely unnoticed, yet they do much to hold the entire structure together.

—Marc Mestdagh, CEO, 2Mpact, Ghent, Belgium

Don’t Overlook Ethics

I saw Katherine George’s article on ethics in the Volunteer Leadership issue [“Questions of Ethics”]. Very interesting and timely. The American Dental Association recently developed a staff code of ethics, which encouraged some good dialogue within the organization about a very important, but sometimes overlooked subject.

Good job.

—Ron Polaniecki, CAE, manager, dental society services, American Dental Association, Chicago, Illinois

Sweet Simplicity

“I am reading the 1/10 issue of ASAE’s Associations Now and came upon an article (page 24 if you are so inclined) titled ‘Tune In to Your Members’ Wavelength’ by Tracy Krughoff, director of event communications at the Biotechnology Industry Organization here in DC Occasionally, someone writes or says something in such a clear and simple way that it makes you stop, shake your head up and down, and say, ‘Sweet.’

That’s what Tracy’s article just gave me...

Ready? Here it is: Your members’ biggest need must be your biggest asset. ...

This is profound in its simplicity.

Dare I say it? ‘Sweet.’”

—From “Do you know what your members’ ‘biggest need’ is? It should be your biggest asset!” posted by Erik Schonher to the Erik’s Experts in Membership Marketing blog, January 12, 2010.

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