Association Management in 17 Syllables

A collection of haiku offer a lighter look at association management.

Sometimes it just takes a few words to change your perspective—hence the enduring popularity of quotations by famous thinkers. Haiku offer a similar opportunity to pack a lot of insight into a small space.

Associations Now recently came across a haiku written by KiKi L'Italien, a senior consultant at DelCor Technology Management, and we asked if she might be willing to write a few more around association management themes. She kindly agreed. Enjoy!

The Board

When he asks for cheese
The staff asks him who moved it
Old governance joke


Unmoving Mondays
Your stoicism compels
Caffeine overload

(Sort Of) Associations

Tribes come together
Are they associations?
Time's breath will tell us

The Dark Side

Darth Vader aside
Consulting can embrace light
Not the dark, at all


Tiny flames shimmer
Bonfires ignite from embers
Embraced by the wind

KiKi L'Italien is a senior consultant in technology management at DelCor Technology Solutions in Silver Spring, Maryland. She blogs at Email: [email protected]