The Favorites Game: Melissa Etheridge on "Fearless" Team Building

By: Kristin Clarke

The award-winning musician shares her favorite advice, her favorite Springsteen album, and more.

To guitar-jamming, award-winning singer Melissa Etheridge, good team management is as essential to the creative side of her work as to her business approach.

"I have to look for people who want to be a part of and contribute to moving a dream forward that I've created and that they don't need to insert their own intentions on … yet I can use their talents and trust along the way," explains Etheridge, who performs August 21 at ASAE & The Center's Annual Meeting & Expo.

To lead that collaboration, she plans ahead and delegates carefully. She points to John Shanks, producer of her latest album, Fearless Love: "He's known me for forever, so he knows how to get the best out of me."

Teamwork aside, here are a few other things that rock her world:

Favorite Bruce Springsteen album: Born to Run.
Favorite message to the world: Choose only love.
Favorite business lesson you've learned: Success is an ongoing process.
Favorite leadership trait: Compassion.
Favorite hero or heroine: Oprah!
Favorite concert venue: Madison Square Garden.
Favorite way to fight writer's block: Not fear it. Go get something to eat.
Favorite coping mechanism: Love.
Favorite song to sing to your children: "You Are My Sunshine."
Favorite advice from a peer or colleague: Bruce Springsteen when he said, "Kids are good. You just don't want too many of them." [She has four; he has three.]
Favorite advice to people in crisis: Isn't that great? Now you get to change.

Interview by Kristin Clarke, CAE, a writer, editor, and researcher for ASAE & The Center. Email: [email protected]