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December 2009

From the Acronym Blog

"What really matters is the quality of the first experience. If the new member attends a poorly-attended local chapter event [first], they'll erroneously think that it was given away because it's bad and you needed to stimulate demand. Give away something visible and high-quality, and they'll go back and tell others about it, perceive clear value, and help you promote greater engagement."—Kevin Whorton, in an Acronym blog post, "Free attendance for first-year members?" on November 4, 2009.


Dealing With Death

In this month's issue, the fictional case study by Lisa Junker, CAE, examines how an association handles the death of a board member. Here are three more resources about dealing with unexpected losses, available under the "Now Online" tab at


Recommended by Readers

"A 7-Stage Guide to Member Discipline," by Michael L. McCann and Jonathan F. Duncan, Association Law & Policy, October 2009

An excerpt: "Conduct the hearing in good faith and do not prejudge the outcome. [...] Also, understand that deliberations and other communications of the board or other body deciding the matter are not privileged. If litigation ensues, those deliberations and communications are likely discoverable."

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Links Highlighted in This Month's Issue

Did you just visit this web page after you saw the URL in an article in the magazine? Here are the related resources mentioned throughout this month's issue:

Page 11: Todd Thibodeaux's three rules for starting your own employee fundraising contest.

Page 12: Legal checklist for social-media notices and policies.

Page 13: A longer, more in-depth version of Jeffrey S. Tenenbaum and A.J. Zottola's "Social Media and the Law."

Page 14: Sample videos from the National Engineers Week Foundation and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.

Page 16: The Enviromental Protection Agency's EnergyStar program.

Page 19: From David Gammel, screencasts that illustrate driving-force strategies for websites.

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