Life After Earning the CAE

By: Elizabeth Langston, CAE

One CAE recipient shares her story of volunteering with the CAE Commission.

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Through the process of earning my CAE, I learned to love learning again. After becoming a CAE, I was excited about all of the knowledge I had gained and perhaps a little cocky. Had I not been presumptuous enough to respond to an ASAE & The Center "Call for Volunteers," I would have missed out on a number of opportunities to grow as an individual and professional. Volunteering with the CAE Commission has allowed me to do just that.

The CAE Commission offers numerous ways to serve—the Exam Committee and the Item Writing Committee are just two of the many choices. Ad hoc committees form depending on the need (last year, one reviewed  authoritative literature), and local opportunities like proctoring for CAE exams, assisting with study groups, and sharing information about the CAE program with other local organizations are available. Those with less experience are welcome,will grow along with their service, and are crucial to ensure representation of all levels within the membership. And serving with those who are seen as leaders in the field can only help you to follow in their footsteps.

You can respond to an official "Call for Volunteers" or contact ASAE & The Center to express interest. Keep in mind that while new ideas are welcome (you do not necessarily have to fit in a predefined volunteer mold), you can also find direction on what opportunity might be the best fit for you.

When I first volunteered, I was relatively inexperienced but welcomed with open arms. Volunteer leaders and staff helped me get up to speed, and my contributions were always heard with respect and consideration. I continue to be thankful for, and proud of, my volunteer contributions to both the CAE Commission and ASAE & The Center. Whether with the CAE Commission or with ASAE & The Center, I encourage you to get involved.  

Elizabeth Langston, CAE, is director of exam development for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. Email: [email protected]

Elizabeth Langston, CAE