Partner Corner: Managing Energy Costs and Efficiencies

Find out how to raise member awareness about energy efficiency and solutions.

Challenge: Members are overwhelmed with variable energy options. How can our association help raise member awareness of energy issues and provide access to potential solutions?

Solution: In today's volatile energy markets, many organizations look to industry experts for materials and resources that will help them reduce risk, expenses, and usage. As an association leader, your due diligence plays an important role in promoting qualified solutions, not only for your association, but also for your member organizations.

When evaluating energy and utility solutions, it is critical that your members have options. Market conditions, suppliers, and regulations can vary by state and region, which is why there is no single-supplier solution for all. While the greatest potential for electricity and natural gas savings is in deregulated states (because consumers can shop the various suppliers for the best price), demand-side services still secure savings by reducing total energy demand.

Demand-side services include demand-response programs, facility audits, lighting retrofits, and HVAC upgrades. These demand-side services outline specific energy curtailment and the return on investment for your specific facility. There are many grants and different rebate programs depending on the project scope and location.

Contact your local utility provider to determine if your area is deregulated for electric or natural gas supply and what rebates are available for facility upgrades.

Kathy Kiernan is senior vice president of APPI, the independent energy and utility management company that provides ASAE-Endorsed energy cost-reduction services. For more information, call 800-520-6685 or visit