Knowledge Center FAQs: Office Moves

Relocating your office? Find out how to make your move trouble-free.

Q: Does ASAE & The Center have any resources about moving office facilities?

A: Moving to another location can be a hassle without an effective plan in place. The following resources offer excellent advice on handling an office move.

"Developing a Strategic Real Estate Plan," by Emanuel G. Fitzgerald (Dollars & Cents, July 2007), says a strategic real estate plan (SREP) is essential in the decision to move office headquarters. Consider current and future needs and leasing and purchasing options. Before developing a plan, find out what the board would approve and proceed from there. Seek the recommendations of a real-estate advisor, who can guide you through the process and present the recommended strategy to the board. A real-estate advisor who can answer the tough questions and confidence on your part about your SREP are key to obtaining board approval for your plan.

"Meeting the Moving Challenge," by Peter Lohrengel (AMC Connection, June 2008), outlines some steps to take when making an office move, such as selecting a leadership team that will be led by someone who creates an office relocation checklist and budget. Let the staff know as early as possible and research suitable sites. Negotiate the space and determine equipment and office-furniture needs. Stage, prepare for, and execute the move with the moving company that has been selected. Careful planning and attention to detail will make the office move go smoothly.