ASAE ForesightWorks Economic Conditions Action Set (PDF)

ASAE ForesightWorks Economic Conditions Action Set (PDF)

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  • Globalization
  • Organizational Planning
  • Business Models
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Prepare for the future by exploring—with board and staff—drivers of change likely to affect associations. Through the ongoing ASAE ForesightWorks initiative, futurists and executives have given you a head start on your strategic discussions and planning by scanning the environment for you and identifying 46 drivers of change with likely implications for associations. Each driver of change is summarized, with forecasts and implications, in an action brief. The ASAE ForesightWorks Complete Collection, with all 46 action briefs and a user’s guide, is available here.

For those specifically interested in economic trends, this Economic Conditions Action Set contains six action briefs:

  • Cartel Capitalism
  • Global Power Shifts
  • Philanthropy Reshaped
  • The Sharing Economy
  • The Stagnation Economy
  • Trade in Transition

Each four-page action brief includes a description, forecasts, key uncertainties, supporting trends, notable data points, related drivers of change, strategic insights, timing, potential alternative futures, actionable ideas, key search terms, and organizations most likely to be affected. The set also includes introductory text that places these drivers of change into context, as well as strategic questions that can be used as conversation starters with stakeholders.

A license to share the action briefs with staff and volunteers within the purchaser’s single legal entity is included with the purchase.

Note: This product is a downloadable PDF file. After your purchase, you will be presented with the PDF for download. You will also be able to access the PDF for 180 days from the date of purchase in the “My Downloads” section of your profile on the ASAE website.

(2018, 29 pages, PDF)