A Practical Guide to Globalization for Associations

A Practical Guide to Globalization for Associations

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Donna Hasslinger and, Dick Blatt


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  • Globalization
  • Foundational
  • Applied
  • Strategic
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Reflecting their ample collective experience in trade and individual-membership organizations, authors Donna Hasslinger and Dick Blatt have delivered a deliberate, effective approach to global strategy and considerations from which any membership organization can benefit.
A Practical Guide to Globalization for Associations focuses on tracing a global path to opportunities outside of North America--and doing so in a way that is scalable to organizations of all sizes, scopes, and budget sizes. Use the book to
  • Get an overview of the global changes that are affecting associations and other nonprofit organizations.
  • Reach an informed decision about beginning or extending a global effort.
  • Learn how to plan and develop a global strategy.
  • Gain guidance for an implementation plan that includes phases, metrics, and financial goals.
  • Ensure sustainability and take advantage of the new global footprint.

This book brings to the leadership and management of membership organizations a methodical and comprehensive framework for considering, planning, executing, and evaluating global activities. Turn discussion into action. (2012, 978-0-88034-360-2, 200 pages, soft cover)