199 Ideas: Build a Better Board

199 Ideas: Build a Better Board

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Every CEO and every staff member and consultant who works with boards wants to improve the performance and experience of the governing body. And guess what: The governing body wants to be better, too.

Here's a handy compendium of great ideas for anyone who works with boards. Staff will find this little book indispensable. Volunteer leaders—especially chief elected officers--will find the inspiration and the practical pointers immediately useable and ever-useful. 199 Ideas: Build a Better Board covers these areas of helping the board get governing right:

  • Providing effective orientation
  • Communicating fiduciary responsibilities
  • Focusing on policy and strategy
  • Engaging board members  in the best they have to offer
  • Improving meeting preparation
  • Streamlining board meetings
  • Making board dialogue effective
  • Ensuring effective board-staff relationships
  • Enhancing the board member’s experience

Turn the ideas in this resource into action in your organization. Culled from ideas shared by CEOs, governance experts, and others--199 Ideas: Build a Better Board will be one of the better investments you make in your organization's governing body.

(2011, ISBN 978--088034-332-9, 88 pages)