The Decision to Join Survey Templates

The Decision to Join Survey Templates

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Construct your own Decision to Join study to survey your members and prospects by using the sample cover letters, questionnaires, and report template used in the original study. A guide to conducting your own study is provided along with templates of the forms used for the study. Additionally, any organization willing to provide their survey results in the appropriate format to our industry and market research team to be added to the data pool is eligible to receive complementary consultation services. You will be able to download the following files when you purchase the templates.

  • A Guide to Conducting the Study in an Individual Membership Organization (PDF)
  • Member Cover Letter (Word Document)
  • Nonmember Cover Letter (Word Document)
  • Member Questionnaire (Word Document)
  • Nonmember Questionnaire (Word Document)
  • Member Field Names (MS Excel)
  • Nonmember Field Names (MS Excel)
  • Report Template (MS Excel)

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