Marvin Lindsey

Marvin Lindsey, MSWMarvin Lindsey, MSW
Community Behavioral Health Association of Illinois

Marvin Lindsey is the CEO of the Community Behavioral Health Association of Illinois. CBHA is a statewide not-for-profit membership organization representing the interests of community behavioral healthcare agencies in Illinois to ensure access and availability of a comprehensive system of accountable, quality behavioral healthcare services for the people of the state.

Marvin's areas of expertise include substance use, co-occurring substance use, and mental health policy. As CBHA's representative, Marvin serves on the Illinois Health Information Exchange (ILHIE) Advisory Committee, Illinois State Innovation Model Physical and Behavioral Health Integration Workgroup, Illinois Advisory Council on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependency, and the Department of Human Services Social Advisory Committee. He is currently the cochair of the Behavioral Health Workgroup of the ILHIE Advisory Committee.

Marvin's employment experiences have included work in the fields of substance abuse treatment, adolescent mental health, and juvenile justice. Marvin has also worked in the field of social science research for more than 10 years as a research assistant and senior research assistant with Harvard University, TASC, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

He is also a member of the University of Illinois at Chicago Urban Health Program's Community Advisory Council and serves on the Advisory Board for the DePaul University's School of New Learning Men of Color Initiative.

Marvin graduated from Chicago's DePaul University with a bachelor of arts degree. He received his master's degree in social work from the University of Illinois at Chicago's Jane Addams College of Social Work.