Certificate Program in Association Management

Certificate Program in Association Management

ASAE’s Certificate Program in Association Management helps association professionals build the competencies they need to manage their organizations more effectively. Comprising five one-day courses that may be taken individually or as a group, the program is designed for professionals with fewer than five years of association management experience who want to apply a more systematic approach to their work and help their organizations be more successful.

Upon completion of the five courses, all of which include a learning assessment, participants will receive the Certificate in Association Management awarded by ASAE Learning. For more information on the certificate program or its individual courses, please contact ASAE Learning at [email protected].

Certificate in Association Management Courses

  1. Association Management Week in Washington, DC
  2. Essential Practices in Association Management
    1. Association Management Foundation
    2. Governance and Volunteer Management
    3. Membership Value
    4. Trends and Success Measures
  3. Effectively Managing Volunteer Committees and Task Forces
    1. Volunteer Overview: Importance to Associations
    2. Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
    3. Volunteer Recognition and Rewards
    4. Volunteer Management
  4. Membership Development
    1. Offering Value and Purpose
    2. Structuring the Membership Offering
    3. Membership Recruitment
    4. Membership Retention
  5. Communication and Public Relations
    1. Maintaining a Positive Image
    2. Communicating Your Message
    3. Listening Effectively
    4. Preparing and Delivering Presentations
  6. Developing Your Leadership Potential
    1. Leadership Characteristics and Development
    2. Team Development
    3. Decision Making
    4. Conflict Management


"I chose to attend the Certificate Program in Association Management after learning that the program segments tied so well with my duties of leadership and policy development, membership recruitment and communications at the Iowa Soybean Association. The real value for me was learning how non-agricultural association staffers looked at the challenges which I always felt were unique to agricultural associations. Through our discussions and laughter, we began to understand that all of us face the same issues, and in many cases, the same difficult mindsets of members who have become tradition-bound. This class has great leadership and provides a warm environment for discussing our members' real motivations and learning to channel their actions into achievements."

– Carol Balvanz, Policy Director, Iowa Soybean Association