ASAE's CEO Symposium

CEO Symposium

The Symposium for Chief Executive & Chief Elected Officers provides an opportunity for the staff executive to connect with his or her board chair to define annual priorities and determine how to work better together. The two-day program provides insight into challenges facing association leaders and highlights the value of informed policy and strategy as primary tools of the leadership team. The result is a common understanding and commitment to the key components of successful governance, strategy, and organization.

You and your and elected officers will…
  • Clarify issues
  • Build your relationship
  • Jump-start important initiatives
  • Gain insights into organization dynamics
  • Understand each other's values, desires, and interests

Led by Glenn Tecker and faculty from Tecker International, LLC, every CEO Symposium provides fresh ideas and concrete concepts.

The CEO Symposium is held several times a year at locations around the country. For dates and other details, search for “CEO Symposium” on the event calendar.

Who Should Attend

The CEO Symposium is designed specifically for leadership teams from organizations. Exercises throughout the program allow for substantive dialogue between staff and volunteer leaders and provide opportunities to establish a strong working relationship.

Your volunteer leader's term is short, so make the most of it from the start. The CEO Symposium is the perfect opportunity to begin to build a strong partnership and establish a culture of trust.

The CEO Symposium is a critical success vehicle for every leadership team whether you are a new executive, seasoned leader, or repeat attendee.

Hundreds of attendees have discovered the significant role the CEO Symposium plays in creating mutual success and return year after year with their current or incoming leaders. All attest to the uniqueness of each session, the constantly updated content, and the unparalleled value of the experience.


"We regularly attend the CEO Symposium and find it enormously beneficial in building the Chief Elected/Chief Executive Officer partnership, clarifying mutual roles and responsibilities, and reinforcing the essential nature of a disciplined, thoughtful and collaborative approach to strategic thinking and action. This program is a must for any organization that seeks to become more strategic and optimize the contributions of elected and staff leadership."

-Joel Albizo, FASAE, CAE, Executive Director, Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards, International Headquarters


You must register with at least one volunteer leader to attend this program.

  • ASAE Members $995
  • Volunteer Leaders $995
  • Non-ASAE Members $1195