Brenda Villarreal

BVillarrealBrenda Villarreal
Senior Manager, Professional Development
Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association

Brenda Villarreal is a multifaceted leader who institutes change through dedication, innovation, and philanthropic endeavors. She has more than a decade of association management experience with a specialization in professional development.

Villarreal joined the Professional Retail Store Maintenance (PRSM) Association in 2008 and has held several positions with increasing levels of responsibility. In her current role, she administers the educational content for PRSM Association’s National and Mid-Year Conferences in addition to all other face-to-face educational events that support PRSM’s strategic plan.

In addition, she currently serves as executive director for PRSM Foundation, Inc., the philanthropic arm of PRSM Association. She has played an integral role in establishing the foundation and advancing its mission, and she’s now working to bring change to the retail facilities maintenance industry through the foundation’s work. The foundation will provide educational scholarships, industry research, and training programs for individuals and companies engaged in retail facilities management, and it will support other nonprofit organizations that need facility maintenance repairs and improvements.

One of Villareal’s passions has been developing opportunities for emerging leaders to engage in leadership roles in the association. She developed “Professor in a Box,” an outreach program geared toward educational institutions to bring awareness to retail as a career path for facilities maintenance students.

Villarreal took the lead as part of the PRSM Association Onboarding Taskforce to develop a comprehensive onboarding process for new hires, including a workshop on association management for new employees with no previous experience in the field. She also implemented the initial PRSM X-Change List Serve and executed the first online webinars and on-demand series, which are now top member resources. Villarreal also orchestrated one of PRSM’s most successful charity drives on record, raising more than $18,000 for the Nashville Food Bank.

Villarreal was a recipient of the Rising Star scholarship awarded by the DCCCD Foundation. She holds an associate degree in legal studies and a project management certificate from Brookhaven College.