Associations Now - January/February 2019


  • Cover Story: How New CEOs Can Win a Board's Trust
    By: Tim Ebner
    For a first-time association executive, getting to know the board can be a daunting prospect. How can a freshly minted CEO win the confidence of the organization’s volunteer leaders while establishing a foothold on the top job? Here’s how a few first-time CEOs navigated this experience, achieving long-lasting trust and collaborative relationships with their boards.
  • The Path to a More Strategic Board
    By: Mark Athitakis
    Board members often come to their first meeting in need of help in building their strategic thinking skills. Firm guidance from the CEO can cultivate a focus on the long-term big picture and guide board members out of the operational weeds. But be prepared: This shift takes time and patience.
  • Sharpen Your Board Management Skills
    By: Allison Torres Burtka
    To manage a board of directors well, every CEO needs core skills that cover everything from setting strategy to facilitating conversation. They take practice to develop—and it may take some reflection to identify the ones that require sharpening.


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  • Take Your Association Podcast to the Next Level
    Associations are experimenting with podcasts and developing techniques that make it a popular medium to engage members.
  • Secrets of Online Engagement
    Successful online communities have the right people, technology, and strategies in place to spark member engagement, says Marjorie Anderson, founder of Community by Association and manager of digital communities at the Project Management Institute.
  • I Can't Live Without My...SignUpGenius
    Using a simple tool called SignUpGenius, association leaders can create an online form that makes it easier for volunteers to lend a helping hand.



  • Destination: Memphis
    Memphis combines accessibility and a downtown convention center with rock ‘n’ roll history.
  • The Challenges of Event Data
    By: Samantha Whitehorne
    A new study shows that a flood of event data is both an opportunity and a struggle for association event planners.

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  • ASAE Advocates Hit the Hill
    By: Nate Fisher
    On American Associations Day in March, association professionals take their message to Congress and spread the word about the critical role associations play in our democracy.