March/April 2017


  • Cover Story: The Age of Agile Advocacy
    By: Tim Ebner
    In light of a new administration and Congress, associations are taking a fresh look at their government relations strategy and tactics. A key word for 2017: agility.
  • Career Growth After 50
    By: Karla Taylor
    What must association professionals over 50 do to shape their careers and futures? Become skilled transitionists.
  • Opening Up Membership to New Groups
    By: Mark Athitakis
    As industries change, associations have been challenged to reassess who qualifies as a member. Many have found strength and greater engagement in expansion.


The A List


  • A Task Force Focus on Diversity and Inclusion
    By: Tim Ebner
    The American Library Association takes a task force focus on important issues, like diversity and inclusion. This type of distributed leadership ensures that diverse voices are heard in important conversations about strategy and initiatives.
  • CEO to CEO: Asking the Right Interview Question
    Four associations CEOs discussed the important question they ask when interviewing a candidate for a senior-level role.
  • 3 Lessons: Diversity Diligence
    For Cynthia L. Simpson, CAE, diversity is not a one-and-done initiative. Rather, a review of hiring and promotion procedures and engagement of top leadership conveys the importance of D+I.

Money & Business

  • A New Marketing Event Brings an Association a New Crop of Revenue
    By: Emily Bratcher
    The United Fresh Produce Association created a new event to help its members brainstorm about their brands, and it's paid off in more than just one way.
  • Stay Protected From Online Copyright Claims
    By: Blake Hegeman, CAE
    The "safe harbor" provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act protects online publishers from infringement claims based on actions by outside users of their platforms. But aspects of the law have changed, and publishers need to take steps now to maintain their protection.
  • Retirement Ready
    Shelly Howard-Horwitz of Association Investment Advisory Solutions explains why benchmarking is a critical step in sponsoring retirement plans.
  • Idea Bank: Association Website Spotlights its Members
    By: Alex Beall
    A website from the International SPA Association, inspired by the "Humans of New York" project, shares its member stories.
  • Data: Wild for Wearables
    A new report shows that consumers are increasingly sporting smart technology on their wrists. How can associations harness the trend?



  • Goodbye, Checks: Associations Look to Alternative Payments
    By: Tim Ebner
    Associations are making it quicker and easier to pay and renew membership dues, which means checks are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Both technology and consumer demand are helping to fuel the rise of alternative payments as popular options for dues payment.
  • How to Build an Onboarding Blueprint
    By: Tim Ebner
    Identify your problem and establish set goals before developing an onboarding plan.
  • Data: Secure Browsing for Members
    Do you protect members' information and security while they browse online? A new study says some associations fail to use secure browsing.


Brain Power


  • Reconstructing Healthcare
    By: Chris Vest, CAE
    With plans for healthcare reform on the table, Congress may consider an old association solution again.