Associations Now - July/August 2017


  • Cover Story: Young Association CEOs on a Fast Track to the Top
    By: Tim Ebner
    There's a new generation of leaders entering the C-suite, and they're bringing fresh ideas, talent, and experience to the job. But taking the express elevator to the top comes with unique challenges. We talked to three young association CEOs who are making their leadership mark.
  • Check Your Budget Blind Spots
    By: Mark Athitakis
    If you only look directly ahead while planning next year's expenses and revenue, you'll miss what's running alongside you or gaining from behind. And staffers sometimes ignore red flags. Being candid about the numbers and setting up guardrails can improve the process and the outcome.
  • Three Ways to Support Chapter Leaders
    By: Alex Beall
    Chapters provide the help associations need to reach members locally. But to keep things running smoothly, associations must find solutions to make sure components have the help they need to fulfill that purpose.


The A List


  • A Renewed Focus on Leadership Following a Merger
    By: Tim Ebner
    Following an association merger, the National Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association developed a new and revitalized strategic plan that served both members and the industry, as well as a board evolution initiative and task force to grow new leadership opportunities.
  • CEO to CEO: Helpful Leadership Skills
    Four association CEOs discuss which leadership skills they would like to obtain in order to better lead their organizations.
  • 3 Lessons: Lead Through Change
    Ken Zielske, CAE, never says no to an opportunity. He shares how embracing change, being curious, and trusting your team can lead to leadership success. .

Money & Business




  • Offer Your Attendees VIP Status
    By: Samantha Whitehorne
    A look at how a few associations are providing exclusive benefits to a select group of VIP attendees, leading to extra nondues revenue and better attendee engagement.
  • Destination: Knoxville
    Tennessee's third-largest city offers meeting attendees history, convenience, and an experience rooted in genuine Southern hospitality.

Brain Power

  • Books: Create a Unified HR Function
    By: Kristin Clarke, CAE
    Three books look at how to win the war for talent, leveraging high-performance leadership, and staying resilient in times of grief.
  • Finding Strength in Your Weaknesses
    Nyle DiMarco, the first and only deaf contestant on America’s Next Top Model, says learning to embrace his identity led to greater success.
  • How I Got Here: Paul Leahy
    It's unusual for people to graduate from college and head right into the association world. But that's the case for the current associate director of membership and component relations at the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

ASAE @ Work

Supplements: Guide to Association Management Companies

  • The Association of the Future Is Diligent
    By: Karla Taylor
    Working with numerous associations gives association management companies the ability to spot trends and anticipate future change. Here's how associations are leveraging AMCs to prepare for the future with in-depth expertise.
  • The Association of the Future Is Connected
    By: Karla Taylor
    AMCs have for decades epitomized the sharing economy. Being part of it can bring your association significant purchasing power and economies of scale. Here's how.
  • The Association of the Future Is Sustainable
    By: Christine Umbrell
    Given an increased focus on corporate social responsibility in many workplace settings, today’s associations are stepping up their game to ensure that organizations are a force for good.