ASAE and Credly Collaborate to Introduce New Digital Recognition for CAE Credential

July 22, 2019

WASHINGTON— ASAE collaborated with Credly, the leading digital credentialing company, to create a digital recognition for those who have earned their Certified Association Executive (CAE) certification. The digital recognition will allow individuals to manage, share, and verify their CAE credentials digitally.

“With the new digital recognition CAE holders will have the ability to share this achievement in a way that is simple, trusted, and easily verifiable,” said interim ASAE President and CEO Susan Robertson, CAE .“It provides employers and peers concrete evidence of the skills and knowledge that our CAEs bring to the association industry.”

Once added to a blog, website, social media account, or other digital platform, the digital recognition link will connect interested parties to a page with details about the CAE credentialing. This includes the expiration date of the individuals’ CAE.

“ASAE sets the bar for association management, innovation and leadership across industries worldwide,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly. “The use of digital credentials by ASAE elevates the impact of professional standards on society and raises the visibility and appreciation of those who have demonstrated the knowledge and skills essential to modern association management.”

For more details about the CAE digital recognition, visit the FAQs page.

MEDIA CONTACT: Lauren Precker, CAE,, 202-626-2735.

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