Choose Change or Stay the Same: Perspectives on The End of Membership As We Know It

By: Celena T. NuQuay, CAE, and KiKi L'Italien

Sarah L. Sladek's latest book, The End of Membership As We Know It, warns associations of the perils of not changing with the times. But how much needs to change? Is membership a dying model, or will the foundational qualities of associations hold steady in the future? Two association professionals share their perspectives on the future of membership as we know it.

Celena NuQuay
Celena T. NuQuay, MA, CAE
Director of Membership and Marketing

Society for Public Health Education
Washington, DC
[email protected]
KiKi L'Italien
KiKi L'Italien
Senior Consultant, Technology Management
& Social Media Strategy
Delcor Technology Solutions
Silver Spring, Maryland
[email protected]
Do you think it is the end of membership as we know it?

Countless times in world history, predictions have been made that the world was going to come to an end. People have sold property, run up their credit cards, and made major life decisions, all to wake up on the purported "doomsday" to learn that we are still here and that the world did not end. Sarah L. Sladek's book, The End of Membership as We Know It, leaves even the most experienced association executive with the similar question, what if? ...