Association Inclusion Index FAQs


These are the questions about the Association Inclusion Index that we hear most often. If the answer to your question isn’t here, please contact us:

Alexis Terry
Senior Director of D+I
[email protected]

What is the Association Inclusion Index?
The Association Inclusion Index is the first diversity and inclusion online assessment tool specifically for associations. It grants you access to real-time data––whenever and however you need it. Developed with input from experts in the field, the Index helps you simplify the process of gathering and analyzing data on diversity and inclusion policies and practices in association management.

How does it work?
Since the Index is web-based and dynamic, your association can interact with the data to answer performance-based questions in five major domains of diversity and inclusion in associations:

  1. Mission and Focus
  2. Roles and Leadership Accountability
  3. Resources
  4. Operations
  5. Communications and Culture

These five domains call for your association’s responses to 74 multiple-choice questions. Upon completion, you will receive instant feedback in the form of a summary of findings. You will also have access to downloadable resources to share within your association.

As the Index becomes widely used, it will be easier for associations to benchmark their practices against each other, find areas of collaboration, and give future volunteers and sponsors data to direct their time and funds to make a difference in diversity and inclusion.

Is the Index for individuals or organizations?
The Index is for 501(c)6 or 501(c)3 membership organizations of all sizes and industries committed to diversity and inclusion. ASAE recognizes that individual attitudes and experiences toward D+I vary greatly worldwide. The Index is intended to elicit an organizational viewpoint and offers information accordingly.

Who should respond to the questions on behalf of our association?
The individual with the most responsibility for your organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives and outcomes should respond on behalf of your association.

Can I involve more than one person in answering the questions?
Though you may select one person to manage the process and complete the questions, you decide who else to involve from across your organization.

Can I preview the questions before making a purchase?
While we do not provide all of the questions in advance of payment, these five preview questions will give you a sense of the format and focus of the Index.

How much does the Index cost?
The ASAE member price is $249, and the nonmember price is $325, for one use of the Index within a calendar year.

What is included in the price of the Index?
You will receive the following items as part of your purchase:

  • confirmation of your purchase
  • written instructions to get started on your association’s assessment
  • 24/7 technical support until completion of your association’s assessment
  • reminders not to hit the “Submit” button until all questions have been answered
  • access to a downloadable findings report
  • access to downloadable resources with tips for talking about your results and taking future action

My association has not done much in diversity and inclusion, so is the assessment worthwhile for us?
The Index benefits any association with at least one action in diversity and/or inclusion. If you can think of just one action item, then the Index will give you insight into how to strengthen or sustain your organization’s commitment.

How long will it take to receive my results?
Once you click the “Submit” button to confirm that you have successfully answered all 74 questions, you will instantly receive instructions to download your results.