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Small-Staff Downloads

Small-Staff Organization Membership Monthly Digital Downloads

Thank you for being part of ASAE’s Small-Staff Organization Membership! Below are the digital downloads that you can access until the end of this month. Please note that you must be logged into in order to download these files. If you don’t know your login or password, please contact the Member Service Center at 1-888-950-2723 or

Instructions for accessing one or more digital download programs: Click on the program title to be taken to ASAE's online bookstore and add the download to your online cart. Although the program will show up as though it costs $14.95, when you reach the end of the checkout procedure, the price will be updated to $0 since you are a small-staff organization member. To access the download, click on 'My Profile' in the upper right of any ASAE website page, then on the My Purchases tab of your profile pages, and under the listing of purchases you'll be able to access the download(s). You can also reach this tab via

Program Title Description Type of content Summary
2011 Technology Conference & Expo - Tech Lessons from the World Beyond Associations We tend to live inside the association bubble, so it's time to burst it and see what others are doing with technology. Cast aside association best practices and model sites and discover what innovative (and maybe a few tried and true) technologies are being used in the world beyond. Share your thoughts on how these examples might turn into association products or improvements in service or challenge an existing model. Inspirational Innovative technology isn't just for Fortune 500 companies. Learn what's new on the technology front and how associations can benefit from free and inexpensive technology to increase member engagement.
2011 Technology Conference & Expo - Google Analytics - Advanced Tips for the Non-Technical User" Do you know which pages on your site are most popular with your members? Which of your last email campaigns were most effective at getting results? Learn advanced techniques in Google Analytics to help you better understand your website visitors. Walk through examples of how associations have taken their data collection to the next level and apply these same techniques to your association. Type of content: Best practices illustrated by a substantive case study. Best practices illustrated by a substantive case study The presentation had as its centerpiece the case study of how Worldwide Employee Relocation Council implemented Google Analytics to determine the effectiveness of its marketing campaign for the 2011 Global Workforce Symposium (GWS11). The speakers provided an overview of this event and their goals in utilizing Google Analytics to assess the impact of the various marketing tactics they used to promote GWS11. They explained the various elements of the Google Analytics program and how to use them, including Tool Builder and the Reports Dashboard – including Social Media and Mobile Traffic Reports. They showed detailed results of the campaign, explaining what worked well or not and why. They described lessons learned from their experience: -Important to have good communication among all levels of the staff and the organization. -Plan, plan again and plan some more -Allows you to look at your marketing strategies and tactics differently -Google Analytics is not a plug and play program – it takes work to use effectively. -Free does not equal easy -Tool Builder is a valuable asset
2011 Technology Conference & Expo - Jumpstart Your Technology Department: The First 100 Days Whether you're starting with a new organization or looking to revitalize a sedentary IT department, having a plan for your first 100 days is critical. Discuss methods for successfully engaging other departments, accurately assessing staff strengths, and getting a feel for the organizational culture. Explore strategies that will ensure that the first 100 days position the department for future success. Best practices & case study This session is very non-technical in nature and focuses more on big-picture items such as building company relationships and getting buy-in for your IT department. It does not provide an actual step-by-step analysis of what a new IT department may need. It did help reinforce team-building concepts and mentioned how to overcome obstacles within an organization.

Please note: These digital download programs available via this page are only free for those members who have joined ASAE as part of its Small-Staff Organization Membership.


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