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How to Overhaul an Already Successful Meeting – October 21, 2014 Article
Author: Gayle Bennett
Looking to shake things up in a big way at your next meeting? Take a page from the American College of Emergency Physicians. Although ACEP 's annual meeting had been a consistent success, organization leaders made some innovations that have led to even greater success.

A Custom-Tailored Meeting Agenda – October 20, 2014 Article
Author: Samantha Whitehorne
A look at how the Drug Information Association boosted their conference marketing efforts by offering personalized conference agendas to prospective attendees. Each suggested sessions the recipient would likely be most interested in.

Movies: A Simple Way to Enhance Your Next Event – October 20, 2014 Members-Only Content
Author: Eileen Korte
Short scenes and movies are an easy and effective way to engage association members and improve your events—as long as they're properly licensed and in compliance with the U.S. Copyright Act.

The Meeting Planner's New Strategic Role – October 06, 2014 Article
Author: Mark Athitakis
Technology advancements, rising competition, and revenue imperatives are changing the meeting planner's role. Today, it's more integral to an association's success than ever. Say hello to the new meetings strategist.

DOJ to Review Music Licensing Rules – October 06, 2014 Article
Author: Chris Vest, CAE
The Department of Justice is considering changes to decades-old music licensing rules, which could affect association events.

Destination: Virginia Beach – September 23, 2014 Article
Author: Samantha Whitehorne
This oceanfront city features a convention center with a prime location, unique meeting venues for events of all sizes, and a dedication to social responsibility through its One Beach, One World program.

Anti-Harassment Policies at Meetings: Why They're Necessary, and How to Create Effective Ones – September 23, 2014 Members-Only Content
Author: Sherry A. Marts
Adopting and implementing an anti-harassment policy for your meetings is a tangible way to demonstrate your commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all participants. Learn how to create one that works.

Could Google Glass Be the Next Big Event Technology? – September 15, 2014 Article
Author: Katie Bascuas
How one association used the Glass to encourage more engagement from members and participants at one of their largest conferences.

Meetings Memo: Four Secrets to Conference App Success – September 02, 2014 Article
Author: Samantha Whitehorne
One association found that the third time was the charm when it came to its conference app. AAIM credits it success to a number of factors, including an easy-to-use interface and an onsite demonstration for attendees.

The Accessible Association: Do Your Meetings and Certifications Comply With the ADA? – September 02, 2014 Members-Only Content
Author: Robert M. Portman and Leela Baggett
Most associations qualify as "public accommodations" under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and they have significant responsibilities to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal access to their meetings, public facilities, certification courses, and exams. Here's a quick compliance guide.

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