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Lessons From a Failed Governance Change – October 20, 2014 Members-Only Content
Author: Mark Athitakis
If an effort to change an association's leadership structure fails, the association will still stand. But a staff leader will be left with some managerial and emotional challenges.

Ask the CEO: Snow and Ice Management Association – October 14, 2014 Article
SIMA CEO Martin Tirado, CAE, shares secrets for running a seasonal association and predicts what climate change will mean for his members over the next 100 years.

The First Steps to Building an International Board – October 14, 2014 Members-Only Content
Author: Mark Athitakis
If your association is thinking about going global, a diverse board matters. A board with international members requires a different style of management than an all-U.S. board, with attention to different cultural norms and expectations. Two association executives who have been there share their tips.

When is a Merger a Good Idea? – October 02, 2014 ***** Article

3 Lessons: Think, Ask, Lead – September 23, 2014 Article
Leaders have to constantly test their own thinking, says Celia Besore, CAE, executive director and CEO of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. She shares three leadership lessons with a common theme: the importance of an open mind.

CEO to CEO: The Best Staff Outing Ever – September 15, 2014 Article
Looking for a unique way to help staff get out from behind their cubicle walls and engaging with one another in a nonwork environment? These CEOs dish on some of their favorite staff outings of all time.

4 Ways to Help Your Board Make Better Decisions – September 15, 2014 Members-Only Content
Author: Meredith Low
Boards that lack faith in their decision-making process tend to make poor decisions—or avoid making them entirely. With a few simple strategies, you can improve the process by helping board members focus on relevant issues, debate productively, and fully engage everyone at the table.

Behind the Glassdoor: Managing Your Employer Brand – September 15, 2014 Members-Only Content
Author: Michael Cummings
If you're not managing your association's reputation as a place to work, a handful of former employees will do it for you, which could mean trouble in both the short and long term. Learn how to develop a strategy around your employer brand.

Books: All A-Twitter – September 08, 2014 Article
Author: Kristin Clarke
Three books take a look at what's behind the huge success of Twitter, how Wall Street is rigged, and what leaders must for organizational innovation to repeat consistently.

Creating Positive Change With a Coaching Culture – September 08, 2014 Members-Only Content
Author: Susan Kerr and Derek Pender
Almost 20 years ago, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association set out to reinvent itself from the inside, creating an organizational structure that turned away from hierarchy and encouraged collaboration and coaching. Here's how ASHA embraced leadership that puts a high value on people.

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