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Think Beyond the Typical RFP  – June 29, 2015 Article
Author: Addy M. Kujawa , CAE
Request for what? Its time to look past that old and tired request for proposal. One association executive gives a primer on several different options.

3 Tips for Priming Young Members for Leadership  – June 29, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: Mark Athitakis
Just because members are new doesn't mean they should be treated like newbies. Here are some tips for getting bright and eager new arrivals on your leadership radar.

The Positive Impact of an Association's Rebrand on Government Relations  – June 29, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: Rich White and Aaron Lowe
Battling both a legislative and image obstacle, the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association decided it was time to switch things up. The group recently rebranded as the Auto Care Association—a move that has, in just a few short months, introduced a breath of fresh air into the association's government affairs efforts.

How a Shift in Thinking Helped One Association Reach a New Audience  – June 23, 2015 Article
Author: Rob Stott
The Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors wanted to get more people with disabilities on the ski slopes, but it had been unsuccessful in reaching adaptive instructors. Here's how it changed strategies and soon reached 11,000 instructors and more than 20,000 students.

Measuring Government Advocacy: First, Connect To Your Strategic Plan  – June 23, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: John Barnes
In the first of a three-part series on measuring the effectiveness of your advocacy efforts, a former Capitol Hill staffer and association executive explores how to connect those efforts to your organization's strategic plan—and why doing so is crucial.

Make Yourself Promotable  – June 15, 2015 Article
Author: Cheryl Palmer
Cheryl Palmer, a career coach at Call to Career, says that if you want a promotion, you better prepare. Try these four things to position yourself for your next career move.

Diversity and Inclusion: Make It a Core Value  – June 15, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: Shomari McCrimons and Juan Amador, CAE
Meaningful conversation about diversity and inclusion is an important starting point, but then the heavy lifting begins. To create a culture that values D&I across the organization, you'll need serious commitment, smart strategy, and well-defined goals. These five steps provide a path to get you there.

Ask the CEO: International Association of Forensic Nurses  – June 08, 2015 Article
Carey Goryl, CAE, CEO of the International Association of Forensic Nurses, shares how her organization is working to end interpersonal violence worldwide.

How One AMC Became a "Best Place To Work"  – June 08, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: Christine Umbrell
By committing resources to improve company culture, a Florida-based AMC increased retention and earned state recognition.

Why Promise Keeping Matters  – June 03, 2015 Article
Author: Kristin Clarke
Promises make a difference in the worldfor others and yourself, says Alex Sheen, founder of the nonprofit Because I Said I Would. Learn why you must make yourself accountable for those you make.