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Put Your Sacred Cows Out to Pasture  – August 26, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: Jason R. Daisey
Sacred cows—those legacy programs or services that seem near untouchable—often persist because emotion and politics prevail over facts. A big-picture, value-driven examination of a program's viability will serve you best in ensuring sacred cows don't continue to weigh down your association.

Ask the CEO: Ohio Association of School Business Officials  – August 24, 2015 Article
David Varda of the Ohio Association of School Business Officials is tackling the challenge of meeting his members' changing needs.

The Keys to a Successful Video Strategy  – August 24, 2015 Article
Author: Gayle Bennett
Fuzzy animals or cute babies don't have to be the stars of your association's videos to guarantee success. What works best, according to organizations that have already let the cameras roll, is making a commitment to incorporating video into your overall content mix and putting a solid strategy behind it.

4 Steps For Building Leaders Internally  – August 24, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: Dayna Fellows
The best potential leaders for your organization likely come from the staff you already have. Here are some of the roles that leaders and managers can take on to help them progress through the pipeline.

8 Tips for an Effective Board Retreat  – August 24, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: Ann Gallagher
Without close attention, board retreats can degrade into time-wasting events where key issues are neglected and decisions don't get made. These steps can help you anticipate and remove common roadblocks.

A New Name for a New Mission  – August 17, 2015 Article
Author: Mark Athitakis
For the International Literacy Association (formerly the International Reading Association), a name change signaled a new mission for the organization. The shift required its board to adopt a new understanding of what board service was all about.

How to Launch and Sustain Environmental Scans  – July 27, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: Leonard Mafrica, CAE
Environmental scanning is a systematic way of using organizational knowledge to guide strategy. Here is how to manage your scanning process to include stakeholders, gain leadership buy-in, and keep it working for you over time.

Pay What You Want: Less Crazy Than It Sounds?  – July 20, 2015 Article
Author: Joe Rominiecki
A study of U.S. synagogues that have adopted a "pay what you want" model in place of their traditional dues structures offers some intriguing possibilities for associations.

Diversity and Inclusion: Getting Strategic to Create Meaningful Outcomes  – July 16, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: Juan Amador, CAE, and VJ Mayor, CAE
What outcomes can you envision for advancing D&I in your association? To make a genuine impact, you need to get past good intentions and begin integrating diversity and inclusion into all aspects of your organization's strategy and operations.

3 Attributes to Consider and Balance When Making Financial Decisions  – July 16, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: A. Michael Gellman
ROI, safety, and confidence must all be addressed when making financial decisions for your association. Here are two examples of how those three factors can be tackled when responding to challenges.