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CEO to CEO: Tips for Wearing Multiple Hats – January 20, 2015 Article
CEOs discuss what it takes to get the job done, when there are several jobs that need getting done.

Turn Your Gold-Level Employees to Platinum – January 20, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: Kristin Clarke
Even your best performers can shine brighter. A top performance coach shares some tips for helping to boost high achievers to new levels of effectiveness.

3 Lessons: Parting Words – January 05, 2015 Article
After 20 years as CEO of the Vinyl Siding Institute, Jery Y. Huntley has learned a few things about leadership. Her key lessons: You can't lead effectively without good decision-making processes, open communication, and a commitment to serving others.

The Merger That Unified a Dozen Associations – January 05, 2015 Article
Author: Joe Rominiecki
How do you get one alliance of five national associations, six regional associations, and a research consortium to reinvent itself as a single association? Years of consensus-building, for one. Learn from the tale of SHAPE America and the mother of all mergers.

Ask the CEO: National Fenestration Rating Council – December 19, 2014 Article
CEO Jim Benney, CAE, plots a course for NRFC's future, describes a decision he regrets and what he learned from it, and shares where he finds inspiration every day.

Your 2015 Personal Strategic Plan – December 19, 2014 Article
Career advice from Carol Vernon, certified executive coach, principal of Communication Matters, on how to develop a personal strategic plan.

The Association CEO's Unique Role in Government Relations – December 15, 2014 Members-Only Content
Author: John Barnes
As the external face of the organization, an association CEO already has a lot on his or her plate. Space needs to be saved, though, for government relations. Whatever their background or experience, every CEO can be massaged into a GR pro. It just takes relying on the staff already in place to help them get there.

Embracing Followers: A Skill Every Leader Needs – December 15, 2014 Members-Only Content
Author: Ericka Harney
There are no leaders without followers. But many leaders overlook an important part of their job: encouraging, supporting, and recognizing good "followership." Here are some simple ways that association board and staff leaders can do just that.

Is Your Culture By Design or By Default? – December 05, 2014 Members-Only Content
Author: Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant
Organizational culture is often accidental, but the best culture is intentional. To be intentional about changing your culture, start by changing how people collaborate internally.

Use Video to Prep Your Board for Its Next Meeting – December 05, 2014 Article
Author: Mark Athitakis
You won't win an Oscar or even YouTube viral fame. But short, simple videos highlighting key issues and agenda items for your board meeting will help members show up prepared and keep them focused on meeting day.

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