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How to Navigate the First 90 Days as CEO  – October 02, 2015 Article
Author: Kristin Clarke , CAE
Beth Brooks, CAE, author of The New CEO's Guide, says new CEOs must focus on three things in their first three months on the job: prioritizing goals for success, assessing staff knowledge, and understanding the organization's culture.

Boost Staff Engagement Through Culture, Structure, and Workspace Enhancements  – September 28, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: Stephen P. Stahr, CAE
The capacity to serve one association's global membership has grown through efforts to engage and enable staff. Learn how the Million Dollar Round Table focused on cultural, structural, and physical improvements to raise staff engagement and performance.

CEO to CEO: Getting Down Into the Weeds  – September 28, 2015 Article
Association executives dish on what task they wish they could do that isn't a part of their everyday duties at the moment.

"We're All in Sales Now": Associations and the New Sales Economy  – September 21, 2015 **** Article
Author: Kristin Clarke
Associations often say that all staffers are responsible for great customer service, but what about sales? No? Too late—the revolution within the "new sales economy" is already hitting associations, says bestselling author Dan Pink. The question is, what will we do about it?

Books: Customized Strategy  – September 21, 2015 Article
Author: Kristin Clarke , CAE
Three books look at taking a tailored approach to business goals, how to go about crowdsourcing things both big and small, and a new model for knowledge sharing and skills development.

The Journey to Good Governance  – September 21, 2015 Article
Author: Katha Kissman and Beth Gazley
There has never been so much pressure on boards to live up to stakeholder expectations. Most association executives have a book or two on good governance on their shelf. Yet many still ask, "We know what we are supposed to look like, but how do we get there?" New ASAE Foundation research provides some answers, examining associations that have made the journey.

The CEO as Innovator-in-Chief  – September 14, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: Doug Eadie
Great executives do more than generate new ideas. They know how to implement them and get stakeholders and staffers to support them. Here are some of the essential elements of being a successful change agent.

How to Use Your Influence for Simple Changes  – September 09, 2015 Article
Author: Kristin Clarke , CAE
Most people see CEOs as the main influence-wielders, but persuasion guru Robert Cialdini shows how simple "small-big" shifts in language or approach can help anyone positively change others' behaviors—and their own.

3 Lessons: Small and Sensible  – September 09, 2015 Article
According to Jenifer Grady, CAE, a tight budget can be a blessing in disguise, requiring smart decisions about priorities and future plans. One caveat: Sometimes spending a little more is the right thing to do.

Put Your Sacred Cows Out to Pasture  – August 26, 2015 Members-Only Content
Author: Jason R. Daisey
Sacred cows—those legacy programs or services that seem near untouchable—often persist because emotion and politics prevail over facts. A big-picture, value-driven examination of a program's viability will serve you best in ensuring sacred cows don't continue to weigh down your association.