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Community - ASAE Volunteer Opportunites

A Special Message for ASAE Volunteers [-]

Across the United States, many organizations will observe National Volunteer Appreciation Week April 10–16, 2011. In recognition of all the work you do on behalf of the association management profession, ASAE & ASAE Foundation Boards’ chairmen — Karen L. Hackett, FACHE CAE and Peter J. O’Neil, CAE — as well as ASAE staff, have a very special message of thanks for our volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with ASAE. To learn about specific projects you can participate in a project-to-project basis or to volunteer with one of our one-year term volunteer groups, log into our private social network, Collaborate, and go to the Volunteer Town Square. There you can sign up for ASAE’s current volunteer opportunities.

Volunteering at ASAE Summary

If you are looking for a short-term commitment or want to experience what it's like to volunteer for ASAE before committing to a full year, open volunteering is for you. The Volunteer Town Square is a great way to volunteer when you schedule allows and to find the volunteer opportunities that fit your needs.

Our chairman of the Board appoints council and committee volunteers for 1-year terms that are renewable for up to 3 years, contingent on your participation in the group. Many of these volunteer groups require attendance at two face to face meetings per term. There are other short-term volunteer opportunities that are posted in the Volunteer Town Square in Collaborate. Below, you can learn about each of our volunteer groups before deciding on which volunteer opportunity is best for you. Once you select an opportunity and submit your application, your information will be forwarded to and reviewed by ASAE volunteer leadership. You will be notified of the outcome within a few weeks.

Professional Interest Section Councils

Association Management Company [-]

The AMC Section Council is the group of volunteers charged to assist ASAE in providing programs, services, and information that help emerging AMC owners and staffs (of any size AMC) address the unique association management and business challenges faced by an AMC. This group requires two face to face meetings each year.

Communication [-]

Communication Section Council serves as a support to communications professionals in the association and non-profit industry by collecting and disseminating best practices, and providing resources in the areas of print and electronic publishing, online communication tools, public relations, media relations, and presentations. This group requires two face to face meetings

Component Relations [-]

Component Relations Section Council is a group of volunteer association leaders who guide and recommend content for ASAE's Component Relations section related to chapter, affiliate, section and other component relations and management issues. This group requires two face to face meetings each year.

Consultants [-]

Consultants Section Council - The purpose of the Council is to advance the body of knowledge related to association consulting and elevates the perception of the practice of consulting in the association management community. The group requires two or more in-person meetings.

Executive Management [-]

Executive Management Section Council is comprised of volunteer association thought leaders who guide and recommend content for ASAE programs, events, publications and other resources related to the needs and interests of CEOs and senior staff executives. This group requires two face to face meetings each year. Content is developed around four topics – Governance, Volunteer Management, Organizational Development, and Change Management.

Finance and Business Operations [-]

Finance and Business Operations Section Council (also includes Human Resources) - Works to support ASAE’s professional interest section for association finance, business operations and human resources professionals by identifying pertinent areas of content related to financial, human resources, and administration/operations management issues. The group also creates content and works to foster a sense of community within the FBO Section. The group’s work includes a bi-monthly e-newsletter, Dollars & Cents; specialized publications; peer networking; specialized professional development and three section email discussion groups. This group requires two face to face meetings each year. The FY13 Council will begin its service at the 2012 Finance, Human Resources & Business Operations Conference.

Government Relations [-]

Government Relations Section Council promotes excellence in association government relations, increasing the effectiveness of associations' government relations activities. The GR Section Council is comprised of three subcommittees that focus on educational programming and material that instructs and enlightens their fellow peers on a variety of issues pertaining to government relations and public policy. The GR Council requires two face to face meetings each year. There are four meetings throughout the year held via conference call or in person in Washington, DC.

International [-]

International Section Council supports association international practitioners – those whose role in associations includes international activities or the engagement of the non-US community in their field or industry. This group requires two in-person meetings.

The Council’s FY12 projects include:

  • Association International Conference, a 2.5-day event exploring all aspects of being successful overseas. International Conference is typically held in March
  • Internationally-focused content – assist in growing collections of information relevant to international practitioners
  • Providing support to the Global Link newsletter, Global opportunities website, and Global supplement to Associations Now
  • Support for Annual Meeting delegations and providing advice to help enhance the non-US attendee experience
Legal [-]

Legal Section Council is dedicated to disseminating knowledge and connecting professionals concerned with association legal issues. The Legal Section Council meets four times a year. Three meetings are in person.

Marketing [-]

Marketing Section Council is a group of thought leaders in association marketing who assist ASAE staff in providing activities, products and services for ASAE’s professional interest section for marketing professionals with the goal of enhancing their work and the work of the associations they represent. This group requires two in-person meetings.

Meetings & Expositions [-]

M&E Section Council - The focus of the council is to utilize their collective talent to provide tools and resources that will help those involved in meetings, expositions and event management in the shaping and planning for the future (strategic versus NOW), identifying new models and creating best practices, building on past M&E efforts. The council has developed a process for identifying and developing the NEXT BIG issue facing the industry, ASAE, and the council as it relates to meetings and expositions which is applied at its March meeting. The group requires three meetings.

Membership [-]

Membership Section Council works to support ASAE’s professional interest section for membership specialists by creating valuable resources, providing feedback on appropriate ASAE educational opportunities and creating community within the Membership Section. This group requires two face to face meetings each year.

Professional Development [-]

Professional Development Section Council serves association professionals responsible for excellence in education by advancing their knowledge, competency, and professionalism. The section provides the resources and networking you need to design, market, and implement association education, certification, and professional development programs for your members. This group requires two face to face meetings.

Technology [-]

Technology Section Council guides and recommends content for section members through contributions to a quarterly e-newsletter, maintaining/monitoring an active tech listserv, advising staff on programs such as the annual ASAE Technology Conference, and assists to create a sense of community amongst association IT professionals. This group requires two face to face meetings each year.


ASAE Foundation Development Committee [-]

ASAE Foundation Development Committee members support the work of the ASAE Foundation by creating awareness of the value of the foundation and identifying and securing financial resources within the association community by:

  • Leveraging professional relationships and affiliations to directly solicit donations from individuals, organizations and for-profit companies;
  • Providing leadership and guidance to the ASAE Foundation Board and staff on campaigns and promotions to raise money;
  • Supporting fund raising events such as The Classic at the Annual Meeting, Five Star Weekend, Annual Giving, and other events that benefit the ASAE Foundation.
ASAE Membership Development Committee [-]

ASAE Membership Development Committee is a mix of association professionals and industry partners who volunteer to personally engage current and potential members of ASAE. They serve as a resource and sounding board to ASAE’s membership staff on the development of strategy and campaigns. This group requires two face to face meeting per year with.

ASAE Political Action Committee (APAC) [-]

ASAE Political Action Committee (APAC) is comprised of ASAE members that support ASAE’s involvement in distribution of segregated political funds to candidates for federal office who are supportive of ASAE and the association management community in government affairs issues. Members meet via conference call 8-10 times each year to discuss strategies to increase fundraising for APAC, but do not have any mandatory in person meetings.

Awards Committee [-]

The Awards Committee administers the ASAE Key Award, Professional Performance Award and Academy of Leaders Award according to policies established by the board of directors and is responsible for promotion of awards and selection of recipients.

ASAE Greater Washington Action Team [-]

ASAE Greater Washington – is a group of volunteers that engage Greater Washington members to create a diverse and welcoming community and bring a more collaborative and encompassing approach to meeting member needs. Key projects in FY12 include assisting in the design of Community Service Projects, Networking Receptions, Holiday Reception, Super Swaps, and the ASAE GW Supplements to Associations Now.

CAE Community Outreach Committee [-]

The CAE Community Outreach Team acts as ambassadors to promote and increase awareness about the credential, support the efforts of prospective CAE’s through education & networking, and to connect & engage the CAE community.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee [-]

Diversity & Inclusion Committee works to promote a greater understanding of why supporting diversity within the associations and fostering a culture of inclusion are a business imperative for the industry. The committee creates community within ASAE’s membership around D & I topics, helps identify ways to greater engage underrepresented groups (as well as the greater ASAE membership) in these topics and develops resources to increase the cultural competency of association professionals and staff. This group requires two face to face meetings each year.

The Ethics Committee [-]

The Ethics Committee serves to engage members through social media, face-to-face forums, articles, and e-learning in discussions about the applications of ASAE’s Standards of Conduct; to stimulate the expression of appropriate behaviors for association executives, the associations they represent, their volunteer leaders, and their industry partners; and identify ways to help members examine their actions in the context of their impact on society.

Healthcare Community Committee [-]

Healthcare Community Committee - This committee brings together senior staff members of healthcare organizations in a community to address the educational, networking, and knowledge needs of these members. The community provides networking opportunities, operates a listserv; recommends educational programs, and disseminates the latest trends affecting management of healthcare related associations. This group requires two in person meetings. One meeting is held in conjunction with the Healthcare Conference in November in Baltimore, MD. The committee meets virtually bimonthly on the last Wednesday of the month.

The Industry Partner Alliance (IPA) [-]

The Industry Partner Alliance (IPA) represents the interests of those who provide products and services to associations. The Alliance advises the boards of directors on issues of importance and develops programs and services that increase the value of Industry Partner membership in ASAE. Assists in promoting opportunities for industry partners to get involved in ASAE including exhibiting, advertising, and sponsorship.

Power of A Committee [-]

Power of A Committee - Provide volunteer guidance and expand awareness to ASAE’s Power of A campaign.

Public Policy Committee [-]

Public Policy Committee provides oversight for all matters of ASAE that relate to government, particularly at the federal level. The committee sets priorities on handling issues that uniquely affect associations and association executives as well as recommends broad policy direction to board of directors. This group requires three by phone meetings each year.

The Research Committee [-]

The Research Committee reports directly to the ASAE Foundation Board and is primarily tasked with identifying and prioritizing research topics for the coming year. The Research Committee is also expected to become familiar with the existing ASAE Foundation research program of work and be able to discuss the research with fellow members and the greater association community. This group requires two face-to-face meetings.

The Small Staff Association Committee (SSAC) [-]

The Small Staff Association Committee (SSAC) is an advocate for associations of 10 or fewer staff (regardless of budget size). The SSAC reviews the total spectrum of ASAE programs and activities and evaluates their appropriateness in meeting the needs of the executive who manages a small-staff association. To that end, the SSAC:

  • Recommends and advises ASAE on ways to improve programs for small-staff association members;
  • Serves as a resource to staff in developing educational programming (such as S.A.F.E. and Small Staff Virtual Conference) for small-staff association executives and staff;
  • Advises on “best practices” for small-staff associations through a variety of online documents and ASAE communication tools (e.g. Associations Now, models & samples, etc.);
  • Serves as the advocate for implementing key ASAE strategic goals designated for the small-staff association community.

This group requires two face-to-face meetings each year.

Young Professionals Committee [-]

The Young Professionals Committee provides insight and recommendations to create a foundation for ASAE’s young professional members. It builds community for the next generation of association leadership and reaches out to other young professionals under the age of thirty (30) to encourage choosing association work as a career path. The committee requires two face-to-face meetings.

Boards of Directors

ASAE, ASAE Foundation, ASAE Business Services, Inc; and ASAE Insurance Company are governed by boards of directors. Calls for nominations for the boards are made in the spring of each year and nominations are made by ASAE's Leadership Committee.

ASAE and ASAE Foundation Board Roster
ASAE Business Services, Inc. Board Roster
ASAE Insurance Company Board Roster
Nominations for Board Service
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