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ASAE Updates  –
2012 ASAE Fall Leadership Retreat Uses New Technology to Engage ParticipantsThis years ASAE Fall Leadership Retreat, November 11–13, kicked

Component Relations Core Competencies  –
of the organization and the technology available will affect which competencies are utilized. The core competencies are still evolving and will be evaluated and revised

DCLawRegistrantsRoster  – October 21, 2014
, DC 20036-2905 Barry John Cavanaugh Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals … Washington, DC 20005-3952 Steven M. Humphrey Assistant Director of Technology Services Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine 7369 Newport Avenue Raleigh

The Business of Meetings Certificate Program: Meetings and Expositions Excellence  – December 10, 2014 Program
, educational formats, and management and technology tools you can use to create cutting-edge meetings and events and stay on top of the game.

How to Overhaul an Already Successful Meeting  – Article
technology, at its annual conference. "We heard that and instantly looked at each other and said, 'Why not an emergency department of the future

Associations Now September/October 2014  –
to CEO: Inventing New Technology

PublicationsOpenAccess  – October 20, 2014
and forward-looking business strategies for all stakeholders in this space — including publishers, policymakers, funders, authors and researchers, technology … , for instance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in Harvard’s Business School, Law School, and Divinity School), in the UK (at the universities

CyberRisksForAssociations  – October 20, 2014
, DC Cyber Risks for Associations The Impact of Data Breaches, Cloud Computing, Technology Contracts and Cyber Insurance October 30 … unauthorized access to the IT system. A member's Social Security number is visible through the window on an envelope. A hacker taps into your technology system

NavigatingTheSocialLandscape  – October 20, 2014
? Application of existing legal doctrines to new technology 1. What is the “scope of employment” in the social space? 2. What duty do businesses have to monitor

ApplicationAllK011mrevised_Oct2014  – October 17, 2014
Relations ï‚£ International ï‚£ Legal ï‚£ Marketing ï‚£ Meetings & Expositions ï‚£ Membership ï‚£ Professional Development ï‚£ Technology Payment Information

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