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2015 Gold Circle Award Recipients  –
Thrombosis Day: Elevating the Global Conversation on Blood Clots Media/Public Relations Campaign

print mag 2015  – May 28, 2015
research and resources, updates on public health issues and policy initiatives related to nutrition, and explorations of the cultural and social factors

member recruitment 2  – May 28, 2015
relate to IAFC’s mission of providing leadership and guidance for officers of various ranks. Goals: 1. Correct the misperception that the IAFC

membership recruitment 2015  – May 28, 2015
and related fields. Learn More:

media 2015  – May 28, 2015
MEDIA/PUBLIC RELATIONS CAMPAIGN 2014 Winner: International … -related tools and resources. Key media/public relations campaign drivers included a campaign identity and theme, scientific review on the global burden

Exceptional Boards: Strengthening the Governance Team  – May 23, 2016 Program

Measuring Government Advocacy, Part 2: How Not to Measure Advocacy Success  – Members-Only Content
for including government relations in the strategic planning process, you can begin to look at the actual work being done. But, before discussing how … to measure your government advocacy program, it is worth having a discussion about how not to measure your government advocacy program.Because

Measuring Government Advocacy: First, Connect To Your Strategic Plan  – Members-Only Content
that the government relations initiatives support the board-approved strategic plan and that appropriate resources are being provided to achieve results … . Read Part 2. Part 3 coming soon.How does the government advocacy program at your association measure up? And how do you measure whether

Is It Time to Remove a Board Member?  – Members-Only Content
?The first step, governance experts agree, is to determine whether the board member's actions constitute any sort of harm to the organization. "Inquire; don

Review Your Resolutions  – Article
for action.AOA offers just one example of an approach to an important but often overlooked aspect of association governance. Associations should

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