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What Keeps Component Relations Pros Up at Night?  – ***** Members-Only Content
In the spirit of Halloween, I asked six component relations professionals to share their CRP nightmares. Don't get scared as you read through them … , but do notice the common threads.What Keeps You Up at Night?My CRP nightmare relates to the inconsistencies that exist among our chapters

ALegalLookBackToTheFuture  – October 29, 2014
General Counsel American Society of Association Executives 2014 Annual Association Law Symposium - 2014 Government Relations Symposium … . Brown case providing an antitrust exemption for actions of state governments. The Supreme Court has granted certiorari and will hear arguments

Is That Your Final Answer? Polling and Associations  –
related to satisfaction with products and services.Less common, however, are association efforts to use polling as part of their government relations … smaller associations, which tend not to do government relations polling: "We have not done any such polling on GR issues — only surveys

ASAE University Facilitated Virtual Courses  –
Relations Principles of Component Relations … Advanced Component Relations Finance and Business Operations

3 Lessons: Planning Power  – Article
that will govern the board's decisions and protect the association from unnecessary legal exposure.

How ANA Became a More Responsive Membership Organization  – Members-Only Content
to challenges faced by other associations, catalysts for change included declining membership, inefficient governance structures, an unfocused menu of programs … governing body transition to an approximately 250 member annual Membership Assembly with weighted votes a plan for reducing the size

Is There an IRS Audit In Your Future?  – Members-Only Content
launched a new round of exempt organization (EO) 990 audits, some of which are targeting business leagues or their related foundations. Why this seemingly

Recruit-A-Member  –
Membership Application Questions? Contact the Member Relations Team at 202.626.2727. Thanks for helping us recruit new members

Government Relations Symposium  – October 30, 2014 Program
The 2014 Government Relations (GR) Symposium is the premier event for association government relations staff. Hear from representatives of national

Component Relations Virtual Roundtable - Member Appreciation: Giving Thanks - Does it Really Differ Throughout the World?  – November 19, 2014 Program
CRP090213 - Component Relations Virtual Roundtable -Member Appreciation: Giving Thanks - Does it Really Differ Throughout the World?

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