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Books: Character Counts  – Article
's enjoyably written "scientific book" grounded in 500 psychological and neurological research studies and interviews related to gaining people's attention

3 Tips for Priming Young Members for Leadership  – Members-Only Content
West, FASAE, president and founder of Association Laboratory, discussed some of the study's findings as they relate to leadership, with a few specific

The Positive Impact of an Association's Rebrand on Government Relations  – Members-Only Content
's government affairs team found that, in nearly every meeting in legislative offices, they had to overcome an almost total absence of understanding as to what … lobbying, as well as an intense (and expensive) media campaign. However, the struggle to define our industry and the issues related to the term "aftermarket

ASAEKogodProposal  – June 29, 2015
group‐ related assignment. Total elapsed time for the module will be 4 weeks. ï‚· Governance: It’s the Law will be a low‐residency module schedule … of the technology tools can be used to enhance the market presence of the association Governance: It’s the Law —Serves as a capstone to Institute learning

199 Ideas: Creative Communications & Public Relations  – June 26, 2015 Product
199 Ideas: Creative Communications & Public Relations

Governance Research Package (Transformational Governance and What Makes High-Performing Boards)  – June 26, 2015 Product
Governance Research Package (Transformational Governance and What Makes High-Performing Boards)

Transformational Governance: How Boards Achieve Extraordinary Change  – June 25, 2015 Product

Directories & Guides  –
, related organizations, and association professionals in your community and around the world. Use the following links to get connected

Transitioning a New Client, Part 1  – ArticleMembers-Only Content
?2. Public relations. You only get one chance to say that you're new, so make the most of it by telling everyone, remembering that this news could

Exceptional Boards: Strengthening the Governance Team  – May 23, 2016 Program

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