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4 Trouble Spots in Meeting Contracts  – Article
Before you sign your next contract with a meeting facility, pay special attention to provisions regarding attendee attrition, cancellation, contingencies, and liability. The wrong language can land your association in legal trouble.

2015 Daily Now Monday  – August 21, 2015
, is just a number. In relationships with older staff, “as long as we don’t make age an issue, it really shouldn’t be an issue for legal reasons … understanding how associations are unique, working with the board of directors, and learning financial and legal matters—plus several short sample tools

State and Local Association Issues  –
employees as well. According to some legal interpretations the bill would have resulted in DC employers being forced to maintain specific time records for all

International Issues  –
to the national security of China. As currently drafted, the cost and legal risks involved to non-mainland nonprofits would have a significant, negative impact

New HR Strategy: Tours of Duty  – Article
agreements are not legally binding, guidelines exist for appropriate departure before the mission is over. This ensures "both sides have some predictability

Bob Skelton  – August 14, 2015
Counsel for ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership. Bob is responsible for Legal, Human Resources, Office Services and Conference Center … operations, and is also a member of the Executive Team. Bob also serves as the senior staff liaison for ASAE’s Legal Section Council and Ethics Committee

Job Task Analysis - Strategic Level Competencies  – August 14, 2015
credentialing programs that define and promote best practices for stakeholders. 289 3.54 2. Investigate and evaluate relevant standards and legal … and procedures that promote organizational efficiency. 402 4.12 3. Identify and comply with legal recruiting and hiring practices to mitigate exposure

Job Task Analysis - Foundational Level Competencies  – August 14, 2015
skills to resolve conflicts and achieve consensus among parties. 162 3.51 2. Be aware of and utilize available resources (e.g., supervisor, HR, legal … organizational effectiveness. 154 3.16 3. Use legally compliant recruiting practices to mitigate exposure to risk and attract highly qualified staff. 97 3

Job Task Analysis - Applied Level Competencies  – August 14, 2015
research, trends, and legal considerations on globalization. 321 3.41 3. Develop and implement initiatives to respond to global opportunities. 300 3.15 … and legal implications and liabilities associated with credentialing programs to identify strategies for minimizing risk. 130 3.2 3. Ensure

FY16 Legal Section Response Form  – August 07, 2015
volunteer, specifically as a member of the Legal Section Council. I will attend the kick off meeting, Wednesday, October 28 at 2:00 pm

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