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Career Demos: For Employers

ASAE can help you find the ideal candidate for your association staff. This demo will show you how to maximize your use of this valuable online resource. Post jobs, use search terms to draw job seekers, search candidate profiles and more!

Career HQ: For Employers (Transcript)

ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership want to help you find the association professionals that can take your organization to the next level.

Go to our online Career Center at to start your search.

Sign into your Career HQ account. Make sure that you're completely logged out of before accessing the job center.  You cannot be logged into your regular account and your job center account at the same time.

If you've forgotten your unique login for Career HQ, don't worry.  Click the ‘I cannot Login’ link to receive or reset your password.

If you're new to Career HQ, click on the link labeled ‘First Time Users Click Here’.  This link will take you through the quick steps to create a profile. 

Go to Step 1 and click on the ‘Get Started’ link.  Required fields are marked with a blue plus sign.

After you input your industry and employer type and place your company's full name in the company name section, don't mark your listing as confidential.  You'll have the choice whether to display your company name when you post a position.

After you're logged into the system, click on the third tab post a job and complete the fields to create listing.  IF you have one, input the internal job number to help with tracking when responses come in.  This is especially helpful if you're posting multiple jobs in a single session.

There's no limit on the job description length.  Go into as much detail as you need to find the right candidate.  IF you're copying and pasting text from your computer, we strongly recommend inserting the text into Notepad or a basic text editor before placing it in the description field.  This helps to avoid formatting issues that may carry over form a full editing program like Microsoft Word.

There's an online text editor that allows you to format the text after it's imported.  Create bold text, change colors and choose a font face or size just like any standard word processing program.

List the skills you want them to possess and list the required or desired education level for the ideal candidate.

The next step is to select the job categories where you'd like your listing to appear.  This is a multi-select field so you may select each category that's appropriate.  Hold down the Control (Ctrl) key as you click the topics to select more than one.

Then you'll specify the level and type of employee as well as the number of openings available for the position.  Salary range for the position is not required but it's helpful to list it.  It helps candidates self-select and filters candidates outside the salary range, saving everyone valuable time on their searches.

Indicate whether you're hiring locally or are willing to hire international candidates.  When you list city, state and ZIP code, candidates can see your location on a map display.

You can also choose to display a location such as DC metro area or Chicagoland.  These tools help potential candidates decide if the job would be a good fit for their lives. 

Sometimes you want to be discreet and so you can display the company name as confidential on the listing.  Please don't use acronyms as a mask; you may accidentally identify yourself as another organization.

Please note that unless all candidates are to respond by going to your web site, leave the ‘Reply to URL’ field blank.

You can select search words to help candidates find your position.  Use search words that denote skills you're seeking, specific job duties or the job title so that you can be among the top results for job seekers using the search feature.

Every time an applicant completes the process through career hq online you'll receive an e-mail at the contact address in your profile.  Make sure that you add to your e-mail whitelist to make sure you receive application notices.

If you're using your own web site for applications, enter the direct URL for your employment application page.  Don’t use your homepage, as that will force candidates to restart the search process on your site.  Finally, input your billing information.  The Career HQ accepts credit card payments through Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

The system will automatically calculate the proper job posting rate for you based on your membership status. 

After you've previewed your job, make it live.  The ideal candidate will now be able to find you!

If you have any questions about the online job center, please contact the ASAE Career Services department via email through or call 202-626-2891.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Career HQ.  We look forward to helping you find the right candidate!

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