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August 2012

From the Acronym Blog

"[O]ne of the challenges is that many organizations have no metrics tied to their mission. … Without mission metrics, you won't as easily know if you need a new strategy to help achieve the very reason you say you exist."

—Jeffrey Cufaude in a comment to an Acronym blog post, "Aiming for the Wrong Goals," on July 3, 2012.

Related Resources

In "From One-Time Grant to Long-Term Fundraising," Doug Kelly tells how the National Association for Music Education used a major donation to build momentum for a long-term future of fundraising. Here are some additional resources on fundraising:

Recommended by Readers

"Contemplating My Professional Mortality," by Ericka Plater-Turner, CAE, Associations Now, July 2012

An excerpt:

"I am an association learning professional, and I have been for more than a decade. Today, learning is no longer confined to the classroom with an expert instructor at the front of the class. With quickly evolving technology and instant access to information, learning is dynamic and every peer is a teacher. It's hard to determine where I fit in this new world as a learning and professional-development professional. …

"I contemplate my role frequently. Am I facing extinction? It's not easy to remodel yourself for a job that doesn't yet exist. With the rapid pace of change in the association field, there are various notions of what the future will look like, but no one truly knows."

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Links Highlighted in This Month's Issue

Did you just visit this web page after you saw the URL in an article in the magazine? Here are the related resources mentioned throughout this month's issue:

Page 20: Link: "2012 Association Marketing Trendswatch" [PDF]

Page 38: Online extra: See sidebar "Feedback From ASAE Fellows" in "Why Senior Teams Get Left Out"

Page 40: Online extra: See sidebar "You Have a Kitchen Cabinet If …" in "Why Senior Teams Get Left Out"

Page 47: Online extra: See extened Q&A with Karl Rove in "What Associations Can Learn from Political Campaigns"

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