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Consultant Solution Center
Welcome to the Consultant Solution Center. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to help chart a clear and successful course when working with a consultant. From understanding the services consultants provide to helping demystify the RFP process, the articles below are designed to guide you through the process from understanding why you may need a consultant to developing a great working relationship with your consultant.


Get It in Writing
Every project begins with an agreement between consultant and client. Every project that hopes for solid footing puts that agreement in writing.
By Ed Barks,
Barks Communications

Scope: It’s about consulting engagements, not fresh breath!
One of the most critical pieces of any engagement with a consultant is the scope of work: a detailed description of what each party – client and consultant – is responsible for delivering during an engagement. Here’s how to ensure a good scope of work is developed.
By Scott Oser,
Scott Oser Associates

When Do You Need a Consultant?
How do you know when it’s time to bring in outside expertise? Here are a few situations in which an association could benefit from a fresh take and added intellectual capital.
By Susanne Connors Bowman
The Haefer Group, Ltd.

How to Hire a Consultant
At some point in its lifecycle, every association will need to obtain an outside specialist’s help. Here’s how.
By John B. Cox, CAE
Association Growth and Income Builders LLC

To RFP or Not to RFP
It’s true that RFPs may be the best way to go when hiring vendors or contractors. But are they appropriate tools for finding the right consultant?
By John B. Cox, CAE
Association Growth and Income Builders LLC

Working with a Consultant Outside the RFP Process
The tried-and-true RFP process works well sometimes for some projects—but it’s often easier and more effective for a consultant to do the work needed without one. Here’s how to ensure accountability and results without the hassle of an RFP process.
By Karen Tucker Thomas, CAE
KST Consulting, LLC

How to Work With an Out-of-Town Consultant
You’re in Iowa; your consultant is in Idaho. Can you have a good relationship? How about a great one? Absolutely—and with less effort than you might think.
By Karen Tucker Thomas, CAE
KST Consulting, LLC

Client, Consultant Chemistry Is Crucial
Harmonious relationships between clients and consultants start with the right chemistry and gain momentum with a foundation of trust, a solid contract, and reliable parties. After choosing a consultant, let them take the reins to guide your project to success.
By Karen Tucker Thomas, CAE
KST Consulting, LLC

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