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Section E-Newsletters: New Features and FAQs

What's a Section E-Newsletter?

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ASAE has 14 professional interest "sections," for each of which it publishes regular e-newsletters that are full of expert how-to articles, case studies, trends, and news targeted to your professional interests. Also, beginning in 2008, the e-newsletters are being delivered to your inbox in a new, easier-to-read format, with several new features. 

If you're not already a newsletter subscriber, you can explore all 14 section e-newsletters online. To subscribe, visit your Member Profile Update page and simply scroll down to "Professional Interest Sections" to select which section e-newsletters you would like to receive (log-in required).

Here's a look at some of the features you'll find in your email newsletter and on in 2008:

Get Right to What You Need

Do you like to jump straight to the newsletter articles that interest you most? Good news. The email version of your section e-newsletter will provide short summaries of each article in the current issue. From there, you can pick the articles you want to read, click "Read Full Story," and view the articles online.

More Than Just News Articles

ASAE members contribute a wealth of ideas, resources, and information for the benefit of other members—so much that it can be hard to keep track of. That's why your newsletter email will include a special "Tools You Can Use" section. Here you'll find hand-picked links to brand new and popular resources—such as Models & Samples, Associapedia entries, Associations Now articles, and other newsletter articles—plus links to resources in other professional interest areas that relate to yours.

Navigate Online

The newsletter issue you receive in your inbox mirrors the issue online. After you've read an article, you can either return to your email version or navigate through the website to other articles from that issue. At the top of each article is a "Current Issue" link that will take you to the table of contents for that issue. You can also jump directly from article to article within an issue by clicking the links under the "More Articles From..." list that appears at the end of each newsletter article.

Speak Your Mind

ASAE's section e-newsletters are a great source of information, but we don't want their value to stop there. Rather, every article is a conversation starter, and you can join in the discussion. At the bottom of every article online, you'll see three special tools: Rate, Review, and Bookmark.

Rate this item. Mouse over the stars and click to rate the article you just read on a 1-5 star scale. Not only does this help your fellow ASAE members find the most valuable information on our website, it also shows our section councils, editors, and authors what topics and formats are most valuable to readers like you.

Reviews. Tell your fellow members what you think. Maybe you really liked the article you just read and want to share a way that you think you can use what you learned from it at your association. Or, maybe there's some further info that you would like to see that was left out.

Bookmark & Share. Did you really dig the article you just read? Click the Bookmark link and you can "Digg" the article on or share it on one of many other social networking and social bookmarking websites.

Take It With You

If you prefer reading on paper to reading on screen—or you just like to save up your reading for when you’re traveling—print your newsletters and take them with you. On the website, you can print an individual article by clicking the print icon that appears at the top right of each article. Or, if you want to print an entire issue, you can download a full-text PDF version of each new issue by clicking "Download this newsletter's content in PDF format" near the bottom of the email copy of your newsletter. Just one last note: When you're done reading your printed copies, please recycle!

Trouble Logging Into the ASAE Website?

If you have forgotten your password, visit the password recovery page. Enter your email address and you will receive an email with your password in just seconds. If you want your browser to remember your ID and password and keep you logged in whenever you visit, follow these instructions:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: In the Tools menu, click "Internet Options." On the Privacy tab, click "Sites." Enter in the text box and click "Allow." Be sure to check the "Remember Me" box when you log in.
  • Mozilla Firefox: In the Tools menu, click "Options." Choose the Privacy tab, and check the box next to "Allow cookies from sites." Or, if you prefer not to allow all cookies, click the "Exceptions" button, enter, and click "Allow." Be sure to check the "Remember Me" box when you log in.

Trouble With Receiving or Viewing?

Your newsletter email is best viewed with images downloaded. To set your email program to automatically download images in ASAE's section e-newsletters, follow these steps for the email program you use:

  • Microsoft Outlook: In the Tools menu, click "Options." In the Preferences tab, click "Junk E-Mail." Choose the Safe Senders tab and click "Add." Then enter "" to add the address to your Safe Senders list. Also, in the Security tab in the Options window, click "Change Automatic Download Settings..." and check the option to permit downloads from senders on your Safe Senders list.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird: When you receive your newsletter, click the link at the top of the message window that reads, "Click here to always load remote images from"
  • Gmail: When you receive your newsletter, click the link at the top of the message window that reads, "Always display images from"
  • Yahoo! Mail: Click "Options" in the upper right corner of your inbox window. Click "Spam Protection" and continue to Step 3. Choose the second option, "Block images in messages that SpamGuard thinks are spam."
  • Hotmail: Click "Options." On the left side of the page, click "Mail," and then click "Junk E-Mail Protection." Click "Safe List." Type in "" and then click "Add."
An important note: "" is the specific address from which only professional interest section e-newsletters are sent. Adding it to your Safe Senders list will not ensure automatic delivery and image viewing of other messages from ASAE, such as InTouch, event announcements, registration confirmations, and email from staff.


Feel free to contact Joe Rominiecki, newsletters editor, at or 202-626-2734 with any questions or suggestions regarding ASAE's section e-newsletters.


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