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Adaptation — Summer 2005

In this issue ...
Summer 2005 cover — Adaptation
  • From the Editors

    From the editors of the Summer 2005 issue of Journal of Association Leadership.
  • Is The Association Model Broken? The Case for Reinvention
    By: Karl Albrecht
    Many associations today are just getting by or, worse,struggling for survival. Futurist Karl Albrecht contends that the ground rules for associations have shiftedsubstantially, and it’s time for association leaders to reinvent the model. The process for reinvention, Albrecht argues, must begin with strategic conversations that run across the entire organization and are firmly focused on value — defining it, designing it, and delivering it.
  • Addressing Long-Term Trends: Leading Associations in a Global, Complex, Diverse, and Customized World
    By: Scott Steen
    While these issues have been brewing for years, the intensifying effects of globalization, complexity, demographic shifts, and customization are transforming the environment in which associations operate. The challenge, according to Scott Steen, is that the association community has done little to reinvent itself in ways that address these issues. Its time to re-imagine how we do what we do, Steen argues, and fast.
  • Metrics-Based Management
    By: Francie Dalton
    An openness to scrutiny along with a willingness to change, despite the attendant discomforts, offer associations their best hope at achieving organizational alignment and consistent progress. Francie Dalton shows how the scrutiny of metrics-based management gives association leaders a clear-eyed view of organizational performance that can greatly contribute to an organization’s success.
  • The Case of Overlapping Markets
    By: Linda Shinn
    Specialization, market niches, and scope of operation have spawned multiple associations serving overlapping constituents in many industries and professions. But is this increasing overlap among organizations a matter of meeting the demand for more and more specific needs or a waste of resources that is creating greater confusion in the marketplace? Association CEOs Sharon Swan and Kris Cook both say, “It depends.”

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