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Previous Issue - February 2012

Letter from the Chair: Imagine a World with No Committee Meetings
By Tom Pierce
Out with the old and in with the new! Task force groups targeting specific projects will replace the committee structure for the Consultants Section Council this year.

New Year's Resolutions for the Stalwart Consultant
By Richard A. Belle, CAE
Take stock and stand your ground—it's not worth it to trim your sails back so much that you stand the risk of sinking in this sagging economy. And, watch those comfy clients whom you've worked with for years--don't let them take you for granted, especially with milestones and deliverables.

Get Your Foot in the Door and Keep Your Head in the Game
By Karen Yoho, CAE
When it comes to building good relationships with potential clients, a few things never change. From an association veteran with more than 25 years in the field, here are tips and advice for those wishing to sell, partner, or advise those in the association world.

Marketing That Makes Sense for You
By Ed Barks
Marketing is a perpetual must-do for all consultants. This article's advice can have you conducting your marketing like a maestro in a way that squares with you and your talent and has new clients rolling in.

Make the Guide to Consulting Services Work for You and Your Clients
By Pamela Strother, CAE, Cal Clemons, CMP, CAE, Susanne Connors Bowman and Christopher L. Scirpoli
Use these tips to keep the new Guide to Consulting Services ready at the fingertips and relevant all year long.

Share Your Expertise on the Volunteer Town Square or Wiki
By David Mintz, CAE
Volunteering can seem daunting when you've already got a busy consultancy. But these ideas offer quick ways of portioning out your creative genius to other consultants through opportunities on ASAE's website. Examples of work that you've already done could be just what a fellow consultant needs to get his or her creative juices flowing or figure out how to tackle a sticky situation.