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Previous Issue - September 2011

Save on Credit-Card Processing by Understanding Basics of Interchange Fees
By Tom Pouliot
The credit-card industry may seem like Greek to many merchants paying credit-card processing charges. To understand how these charges are created, learn the basics of interchange fees that Visa and MasterCard charge and what to look for on your merchant statement.

Avoiding the Last Resort: Layoffs
By Ilka M. Cameron
During the past couple years when the country was experiencing extreme numbers of layoffs and unemployment, one association kept afloat without losing staff. How? By making layoffs a last resort and through innovative ways of maintaining business operations. Read on to learn about what the organization did to avoid layoffs.

Your Investment Policy and Your Portfolio: Are They Related?
By Fred Leamnson, Ted Browning, and Sarah McConnell
How does your association's investment policy support your organization's mission while ensuring financial growth and stability? In this recap of a presentation from the 2011 Finance, Human Resource, & Business Operations Conference, find out the details of an effective association investment policy.

Latest from the Listserver: Morale Builders
Your colleagues discuss creative ways to enhance morale in the workplace.

Managing the Risks of Alcohol at Events
By Leslie T. White
If your association is planning to serve alcohol at its next event, are you prepared for the potential liabilities that come along with it? Find out the risks of serving alcohol to your event attendees and what your association can do to make sure its covered for these liabilities while keeping members safe.

Affinity Programs: What's Right for You and Your Members?
By Kathy Kiernan
Affinity programs can add valuable benefits to the range of products and services that your association offers its members. To develop a successful affinity program, an association should understand its members needs, carefully select a program, and test it among a small group of members first.

One Global Accounting Standard Coming Your Way
By James M. Larson
Several standards-setting bodies are working to develop a single set of guidelines for organizations to follow for their accounting procedures. The new rules are targeted to publicly traded companies, but they will undoubtedly affect private and nonprofit organizations, so associations would be wise to learn about the new International Financial Reporting Standards that are on the way.