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Previous Issue - August 2011

Message From the Chair: Build It Together
By Holly Duckworth, CAE
The new Component Relations Section Council chair is ready to lead CRPs in building community—among themselves and throughout their components. Learn what's in store for the coming year as the council seeks to become more collaborative and inclusive of CRPs across the country.

A Case Study in Microvolunteering Opportunities
By Lowell M. Aplebaum
The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society created 11 microvolunteering positions at the chapter level, increasing the number of low-stress volunteer positions and decreasing the burden on higher-level board members. Find out if these volunteer positions might fit at your organization.

4 Steps to Prevent Rogues, Rebels, and Rascals
By Julie Stelter
A rogue component leader, a rascal member, or a rebel staffer can distract component relations professionals and divert attention away from an organization's mission. Follow these four steps to ensure your organization and its components avoid these types of distractions and focus on their mission while meeting members' needs.

Avoid Emotional Triggers in Chapter Relations
By Allen Liff
Which behaviors are the most demotivating to chapter volunteers? A poll of component relations professionals outlines which behaviors of headquarters' staff most frustrate chapter members and presents 22 of those behaviors here. Make sure you and your association colleagues are not exhibiting these behaviors and, if you are, find out what you need to do to start motivating your chapter volunteers to ensure successful components.