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3 Tips for Managing Organizational Change

The Power (and Dangers) of Giving in the Workplace

Best Benefit Ever: Ethics Assessment Tool

CEO to CEO: Inventing New Technology
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Why You Need a Legal Audit

By: Eileen Morgan Johnson

Are you as diligent in monitoring your organization's legal health as you are in looking out for its financial well-being? Put a legal audit on your regular to-do list to ensure your organization is meeting all its obligations under the law.

3 Lessons: Exile Your Ego


BlackBerry's Strategic Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

By: Jeff De Cagna, FASAE

The company that led the smartphone revolution and sparked our collective mobile addiction is a now pale shadow of its former self. What went wrong? Association decision makers can learn much from the answer.

Innovating in Plain Sight: ASAE's New Product Development Framework

By: Mariah Burton Nelson, CAE

Innovating in Plain Sight: ASAE's New Product Development Framework

Five "Musts" for Employment Agreements

By: Eileen Morgan Johnson

A solid employment contract for a CEO or other senior staff should include five key provisions. (Titled "Seal the Deal" in the print edition.)

Negotiating Hotel Contracts

By: Jeff Waddle

For your association's big conference, you want a top-notch facility and a positive experience for your members. The hotel wants your business now and in the future. Both parties can meet their goals when you prepare thoroughly, stay firm but flexible in negotiations, and keep an eye on the details. [Titled "In the Fine Print, a Fair Deal" in the print edition.]

What Associations Can Learn from Political Campaigns

By: Mark Athitakis and Kristin Clarke

The hard-nosed, take-no-prisoners world of presidential campaign politics may seem a far cry from association management, but much of what James Carville and Karl Rove know about strategy speaks directly to association leaders. In separate interviews, they shared their secrets with Associations Now. [Titled "The Strategists" in the print edition.]

No Small Staff Is an Island

By: Samantha Whitehorne

How the American Choral Directors Association has created a collaborative environment that benefits both its staff and members.

Traveling Truck Exhibit Drives Workforce Development

By: Joe Rominiecki

The American Welding Society puts interactivity on wheels to attract younger generations to the profession. (Titled "Another Way to Go Mobile" in the print edition.)

The Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs

By: Jacqui Cook

Healthier employees make for a stronger association. If you're looking to build a workplace with more staff camaraderie, greater productivity, and less absenteeism, an organization-wide wellness initiative can help you get there. And the gravy? Lower insurance costs. (Titled "Well at Work" in the print edition.)


  • Cover Story:

    The New Rules for a Thriving Membership Model

    By: Sheri Jacobs, FASAE, CAE

    The membership model is alive and well, but the methods for making it thrive are evolving. Associations adept in this art are looking beyond traditional market segmentation and gaining an unfiltered view of which benefits are true drivers of membership.

  • BlackBerry's Strategic Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

    By: Jeff De Cagna, FASAE

    The company that led the smartphone revolution and sparked our collective mobile addiction is a now pale shadow of its former self. What went wrong? Association decision makers can learn much from the answer.


The A List


  • How Trimming Committees Empowers Volunteers

    By: Mark Athitakis

    Feeling weighed down by an unwieldy governance structure, the Oncology Nursing Society made a bold move: It axed almost all of its committees.  The result was more nimble and engaged volunteering.

Money & Business

  • New Money: Three Ways to Boost Sponsorship Revenue

    By: Samantha Whitehorne

    A new IEG survey shows that the majority of associations saw an increase in sponsorship revenue in 2013. But to keep the growth going, they must look for new sponsors, have a dedicated staff, and streamline their sales efforts.

  • Associations USA: Tennessee

    Associations are everywhere. Here’s a snapshot from the Volunteer State.



  • How to Break the Digital Ice in an Online Community

    By: Joe Rominiecki

    Just like in a real-world networking event, some simple icebreakers can get people talking online. Lindsay Starke of Professional Photographers of America shares three simple ways she has gotten members eager to participate in its online member community.

  • Best Benefit Ever: Regulation Navigation

    The Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association developed interactive online maps to help members navigate the jungle of government regulations.

Brain Power

  • Learning: Understanding Generation Y

    By: Kristin Clarke

    Demographer Kenneth Gronbach says associations are not prepared for the dramatic changes that generation Y will bring. By using demography, associations can harness their abilities and attitudes to benefit organizations.

  • How I Got Here: Lauren Hefner, CAE

    Follow the career path of Lauren Hefner, CAE, director, member and volunteer care, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association


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