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  • Feeling Stuck? Get Out of a Career Rut
    If you’re feeling stuck in your current job, these seven steps will help you move forward and find success.
  • Making a Successful Career Transition
    Who are you and what do you want? Do you want to be a CEO? Answering these questions is crucial before making your next career move.
  • Sixth Sense: Knowing When to Move On
    Three CEOs tell you that courage integrity, supportive colleagues and family, and a positive spirit will show you the way especially in making a transition out of a leadership position.
  • Changing Careers, Changing Self
    If traditional career-change tools have left you still sitting unhappily at your same old desk, it's time to try some eyebrow-raising strategies that will shake up both your career and your life.


Resources for Employers

Other Resources

  • Advancing Women
    The Advancing Women Internet site delivers content, tools and information to mentor, educate and empower women in the advancement of their professional lives. Of special note, many of the tools and resources available are specific to the ways that technology can improve the manner in which women work.
  • Association Forum of Chicagoland
    The Association Forum of Chicagoland Internet site provides information on the educational, networking and professional development opportunities provided by the association. Forum members have access to Forum articles and reports but non-members can still read and learn from the professional policies abstracts.
  • Association Trends
    Weekly news about the association and industry partner community.
  • Center for Creative Leadership (The)
    The Center for Creative Leadership is a nonprofit educational institution that is a recognized resource for the development of leadership capabilities of individuals and organizations. The Internet home of the CCL maintains models, research and assessment tools to help professionals in various fields tap their own "creative leadership" potential.
  • Leader to Leader Institute
    The Leader to Leader Institute furthers its mission "to strengthen the leadership of the social sector" by providing educational opportunities and resources to leaders."
  • Nonprofit Times
    The leading business publication for nonprofit management.
  • Riley Guide to Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet (The)
    The online Riley Guide is a great Internet resource for individuals seeking out new career paths or new organizations to explore. It is both a directory of employment and career information sources and services on the Internet and also instructs users as to how they can leverage the Internet to their best advantage in their job hunts.
  • USAE
    The weekly community newspaper of associations, convention and visitors bureaus, and hotels.
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