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Job Hunting

Your Job Search

Expand Your Professional Network and Advance Your Job Search through Social Media and ASAE’s Collaborate Platform webinar
Telling Your Career Story webinar
Avoid Job Search Paralysis
Don’t lose your sizzle during the job search!
Innovation Can Help Job Seekers
Learn how innovation can help you grow in your career
Searching for a job in the Current Environment
Tips on how to step up your job search efforts and stand out from other candidates.
You, Networking, Research, and the Market: Tips for Your Job Search
How to network, research, and evaluate the current market in your job search.
Six Steps to Being Fearless
Develop an ease in creating new conversations and networking opportunities.
Maximize Your Full Potential and Regain Your Confidence After a Job Loss
Where do you start when you are searching for a job? These strategies can help you figure out your next step.
Common Regrets in the Job Search
A few common regrets when it comes to the job search.
Steppin’ Up the Glitz
Some suggestions for adding sparkle to your career transition or job search during tough times.
A Recruiter’s Guide to Mining Your Network
How to make the most of your connections that will lead to your next job.
Career Counseling
Recruiters’ best advice for getting noticed, landing the interview, and charming the search committee.
Hit the Road!
Recruiters offer a map to help you navigate today’s job market.
Marketing Brand You
How knowing your own best skills can help you gain respect in a new job or the one you already have.
On the Hunt
Advice on traversing career landmines in the current association marketplace.

Resume Writing

Resume Makeover: Part 3
A consultant learns to customize her resume for each type of work she seeks.
Resume Makeover: Part 2 
An executive director gets tips on how to make her experience shine on her resume.
Resume Makeover 
A young professional gets tips on how to improve his resume.
Resume Writing – What’s Hot & What’s Not webinar
Taking Your Resume from Good to Great! Putting YOU in the Qualifications Summary webinar
Download Before and After Examples of Qualifications Summaries.
Learn what a powerful tool the Qualifications Summary can be and take your resume to the next level.
Position and Elevate Your Resume
Learn how to adjust your resume to key viewers.


The Art of Interviewing: Creating Your Star Quality webinar
Shine like the star you are in your next interview with these helpful insights
The Art of Interivewing: Creating Your Star Quality Q&A 
Pegotty Cooper answers audience questions from the live webinar presentation.
Eight Tips to Prepare for Your Next Interview
A human resources director gives you eight tips to ace your next interview.
Help Wanted
Here’s how to turn your next interview into a helpful opportunity for you to evaluate your potential new supervisor.
Here’s Your Key to the Executive Suite
Working your way to a winning CEO interview.
Honing Your Information Interview Skills
The information interview is perhaps the single most important tool in your job search, and yet it is the area most people ignore.

Planning Your Career

Career Coaching

Fast Track Your Career With Coaching webinar
Inside the Career-coaching Experience
One association executive shares the story of how his career coach got him off the ropes and back in the ring.
Career Coaching- More Than Just a Job Search
Career coaching is an ever-expanding field as more people look to coaches to help them create and achieve short- and long-term career objectives.
A Coach for Your Career
Coaching has quickly become one of the leading resources people use to transform their lives from disappointing or merely successful to extraordinary.

Developing Your Career Plan

“Through the Maze: Careers in Association Management”
Check out this handy, comprehensive guide to navigating associations, written by and including reflections from young association executives.
Career Success Stories
Attendees at the 2011 ASAE Annual Meeting share some of their favorite career stories.
Emotional Intelligence - The Best Career Insurance that Money Can't Buy webinar
Learn how your Emotional Intelligence can develop resiliency in your current job or resiliency in your current job search.
5 Mistakes on Your LinkedIn Profile
Think your profile will help you network or get a new job? It won’t if you make these five mistakes.
Energize Your Network webinar
Roll up your sleeves and upgrade your ability to get the results you want through the network you already have!
3 Ways to Energize Your Network 
Here are three questions answered by career coach Pegotty Cooper during a recent networking webinar "Energizing Your Network."
Commit to Career Growth
Career coaches share advice for enhancing your skills and drive at work.
Leveraging Your Strengths for Career Success
Realize your strengths at work and create a better career.
Strategies for Career and Life Empowerment
Changing the way you think can change your career and your life.
Career Spotlight: Association Management webinar
This introduction to Association Management features professionals discussing their career paths.
Are you Promotable?
Get ahead in today's workplace and position yourself as a promotable professional.
What Motivates You to Go to Work Every Day?
Association CEOs share their perspectives on standing out from the competition and what motivates them to go to work each day.
Top Career Tips
Career coaches share their insights on looking to move to a new job or just move ahead in your career
8 Steps to Take Charge of Your Career and Market You
Take charge of your career with these tips to help you survive and thrive in today’s changing world of work
How to Fight the Cholesterol of Careers
Practice healthy career habits that will improve the strength, endurance, and reach of your career
Emotional Intelligence: Career Insurance for the New Year
You can't change your IQ, but you can improve your EQ.
Creating a Strategic plan for Your Professional Future
Employ a strategic process of clarifying what you want for your life, thinking about the possibilities, making plans, and setting goals for your happiness
Pump Up Your Employment Potential
Use savvy career-management skills to meet the challenge of getting the right job.
Downward & Onward
Sometimes, when you’re already at the top, the next step on your career ladder should be down a rung or two.
Smooth Move
Making a graceful transition to a new position.
The Best Advice I Ever Got
Almost everyone has stories of how someone else's confided wisdom made a real difference in their lives.

Changing Careers

Feeling Stuck? Get Out of a Career Rut
If you’re feeling stuck in your current job, these seven steps will help you move forward and find success.
Making a Successful Career Transition
Who are you and what do you want? Do you want to be a CEO? Answering these questions is crucial before making your next career move.
Sixth Sense: Knowing When to Move On
Three CEOs tell you that courage integrity, supportive colleagues and family, and a positive spirit will show you the way especially in making a transition out of a leadership position.
Changing Careers, Changing Self
If traditional career-change tools have left you still sitting unhappily at your same old desk, it's time to try some eyebrow-raising strategies that will shake up both your career and your life.


The CEO’s Survival Kit
A new study of top executives underscores the importance of relationships in making – or breaking – a career in association management.

Positioning Yourself for the Top Job
Here’s what you need to know to be a competitive CEO candidate.
Hold Out Against Burnout: Avoiding CEO Burnout
CEOs and other experts have a frank discussion about whether it's necessary for CEOs to neglect work-life balance and suffer to do their jobs.
If You Could Hold Any Position on An Association Staff Except for CEO Position, Which Position Would You Want?
Executives sound off on ‘dream jobs’ and over-discussed topics
The Greenest Pastures Are Not Always on Top
While being an organization’s chief executive is an accomplishment coveted by many, only a few get there, excel at it—and then decide it’s not for them.

Resources for Employers 

Getting it Done Right: Employers Navigate Social Media Opportunities and Pitfalls webinar
Your Next Superstar
An expert on human behavior explains why it's necessary to use counterintuitive approaches to maintain and motivate potential star performers.
What the Best Expect
Learning what the top executives at some very successful associations look for in their team members may just help you find the perfect combination of chemistry, talent, and commitment in your organization
My Association Is A Stepping Stone?
Best practices to develop a sustainable mentoring program to help attract and retain quality employees in your organization

Other Resources 

Advancing Women
The Advancing Women Internet site delivers content, tools and information to mentor, educate and empower women in the advancement of their professional lives. Of special note, many of the tools and resources available are specific to the ways that technology can improve the manner in which women work.
Association Forum of Chicagoland
The Association Forum of Chicagoland Internet site provides information on the educational, networking and professional development opportunities provided by the association. Forum members have access to Forum articles and reports but non-members can still read and learn from the professional policies abstracts.
Association Trends
Weekly news about the association and industry partner community.
Center for Creative Leadership (The)
The Center for Creative Leadership is a nonprofit educational institution that is a recognized resource for the development of leadership capabilities of individuals and organizations. The Internet home of the CCL maintains models, research and assessment tools to help professionals in various fields tap their own "creative leadership" potential.
Leader to Leader Institute
The Leader to Leader Institute furthers its mission "to strengthen the leadership of the social sector" by providing educational opportunities and resources to leaders."
Nonprofit Times
The leading business publication for nonprofit management.
Riley Guide to Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet (The)
The online Riley Guide is a great Internet resource for individuals seeking out new career paths or new organizations to explore. It is both a directory of employment and career information sources and services on the Internet and also instructs users as to how they can leverage the Internet to their best advantage in their job hunts.
The weekly community newspaper of associations, convention and visitors bureaus, and hotels.

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