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Certified Association Executive Program

What is the CAE?

70% of CAE test takers report enhancing knowledge, improving advancement opportunities, and elevating their status in their current position as their motivation

The Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation is designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and identify association professionals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the practice of association management. Founded in 1960, the CAE Program stands as a mark of excellence and has evolved to reflect what it takes to manage an association in today's challenging climate. The CAE Program was accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies in 2010.

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Who is it for?

The CAE Program is geared towards association management practitioners, who have a vested interest in advancing their profession and the industry. Is CAE for me? | Read profiles of current CAEs

What are the benefits?

Earning the CAE credential is the hallmark of a committed association professional. It helps drive professional self-confidence, opens doors, creates connections, and offers widespread value and recognition for certificants. CAE Program overview.

How can I obtain the CAE?

Earning and maintaining the CAE is a three-part process. Candidates must first meet eligibility requirements and submit an application. The next step is to sit for and pass the CAE exam. Once a candidate has earned the credential they must maintain it by fulfilling certification renewal requirements every three years.

What’s new?

The CAE Program has celebrated over 50 years of preparing and recognizing qualified professionals in the field of association management. Governed by the CAE Commission, an independent certifying body, the CAE undergoes continual evaluation and improvement. To that end, the CAE Commission requested that the ASAE Foundation conduct a study to determine current views and beliefs regarding the CAE certification. The CAE Commission has released a summary of key results from the survey entitled Value of the CAE.

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